Thursday, September 2, 2010

Landon's Day Care

Yesterday I decided to loosen the reins a little bit
and let Landon take over for awhile.
When Zach announced that this was
 "The Best Day Ever!"
I had to agree.

Landon and Olivia created a
magical wildlife forest to surprise the little ones
when they woke up from their naps.

Some of our gang...

Hanging out in the fort!

Gotta have a frog!
(Click on the picture for a closer view)

Photography by Olivia.

Looking for creepy crawlies...

Lucas and Mallory aren't sure what
creepy crawlies are...

They're bugs and worms!!

Olivia doesn't mind them at all!

Landon has been swinging from this tree
since he was three, but my heart still
does flip flops everytime he does this.

Could I have this dance?
We listened to the same VBS CD
2,378 times!!

Hula Hooping boy style!

Yee Haw!

Nora isn't sure what she thinks of the new dc toys.

A little dirt does a body good!

You can't have a dc without balls!

A new way to get around...

The end.