Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Words Of Wisdom For My Son

My friend Micheal Kelly,
 posted this on face book.
I love it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Folks!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I have noticed a lot of my face book friends have started to post things that they are thankful for on their walls. They are thankful for their families, friends, kids, jobs, etc. I too, am thankful for those things. That's just a given. In fact, I think I posted something along those lines last Easter. (With my own touch of humor of course!) But, aside from the big things, some of the little things that I am really thankful for are....

I am thankful when I pour my coffee in the morning, and I realize I am all out of my favorite coffee creamer, that I discover that I have another bottle of creamer on the bottom shelf that I had forgotten about. Before I dump out the coffee.

I am thankful when I go to a restaurant and I give the waitress my complicated order, she brings it back not only right, but with an extra, extra side of cheese! (Or mayo or hot sauce....) And I am sure she is thankful when I leave that big tip of gratitude!

I am thankful that even though my son is almost ten years old, that once in blue moon he still wakes up in the middle of the night and crawls in my bed and snuggles up next to me. I don't even mind the elbow jabs in the ribs or the slaps in the face from his constant tossing and turning. I'm still his momma and his momma I'll always be.

I am thankful that there are still a few good shows left to watch on T.V. that make me laugh right out loud.

I am thankful for 2-ply toilet paper. I think it's a wonderful thing.

I am thankful for my face book group of friends and family, who I can always count on to make me smile 24/7. I never have to leave the house, pick up the phone, text or email. They are just simply always there.

I am blessed.

May your turkey be moist, your potatos fluffy, and your gravy always free of lumps.
Can't ask for more than that.
Happy Thanksgiving, Folks!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

He Get's That From Me

Landon and I were watching a movie tonight called, Game Plan. When the movie got to the part where there was a little girl crying and really sad, I looked over at Landon and the tears were just pouring out of his eyes. When he caught me looking at him he pointed to the ceiling and said, "You really need to dust the fans, Mom! My eyes are really watering bad!" I love to see his sensitive side. Guess I didn't screw him up too bad. Yet.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Three Guesses

Guess what this is.
I'll give ya three guesses.
No clue?
Well.....let me tell ya....
Tonight Landon had his karate class. His dad said he had to run to his store for a few minutes, but would be back to take Landon to his class. I was really tired tonight, and still had a mountain of laundry to tackle, so I decided to shut my eyes for a tiny cat nap. About 15 minutes later the phone woke me up. It was Tim. He had locked his keys in his van. I wasn't quite awake and I told Landon to get ready as we had to bring his dad a key and I would drop him off at his class. While he was getting dressed, I closed my eyes again for just a second, or so I thought. Landon tapped my shoulder and said "Come on, Mom! We're gonna be late! So, I jumped up and got my coat on, but I noticed Landon kept walking behind me. Usually he is five miles in front of me, so my little red flag started waving. I said, "What are you doing?" and started to do a pocket check. He tried to tell me nonchalantly, "Nothing Mom....ladies first...." That was just too much bologna for me to believe, as this child thinks nothing of doing a full blown body tackle on me, if it means getting to the remote first. So, I made him open his mouth. (No gum in class!) Nothing there. I checked his hair and his hands. I couldn't find anything, but I still had that "feeling." Off we went anyway. I dropped off the key and then I dropped off Landon. When I got back home, I opened the garbage can and there on top was the bottom of Landon's pants!! Apparently they were too long and he decided to do a little mending! I knew he was up to something! I just knew it. I refuse to be that parent that let's their kid go out in public like that, just to teach them a lesson. Landon could care less and the only thing that would come of it, would be all the "Can you believe his mother cut his pants like that?" talk. Tim took him some new pants and when Landon gets home,believe you me, we're gonna have a little home schooling on mending and manners!!

Rush Hour In The Big Blue Sky

Spotted all these jets while pumping gas this weekend.
By the time I got the camera out, a few had faded.
Why do they have to fly so close together
when they have the whole big sky to fly?
Anyone know the answer to that?
I'd like to know!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Check this out!
Isn't it the prettiest thing you ever did see?
A few posts back, I mentioned how I loved my
pink broom because it never disappears!
I also mentioned how I now needed to find
 a hammer and screwdriver in pink.
Today the Fed Ex man delivered this awesome
My sweet friend Tara, sent it to me.
Even though it's pink, I'm still gonna hide it
in my underwear drawer.
Shhhh....don't tell now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'd Still Pick You

As I was tucking Landon into bed tonight, I told him that I wouldn't trade him for all the tea in China. He asked me if I would trade him for all the money in the world. I said, "Nope. I'd still pick you." He thought about that for a minute and then he said to me, "Know what I'd do? I'd take the money and then I'd come pick you up in my new car." Oh, the wisdom of nine year old boys. :) :)

We Are All Alike

This morning, my dc kids and  I were sitting at the table working on a few new puzzles I had picked up last weekend. As I was showing the little girl next to me how the new puzzle worked, she slowly reached up and started twirling my ponytail. She said to me, "You know we have the same hair? Only your hair is long and light and my hair is short and dark." It made me laugh and I thought it was a good opportunity to teach her a lesson on what opposite meant. After she listened to my little speech, she insisted, "No. We don't have opposite hair, we have the same hair! We are both soft." Man... She was right of course. She didn't care what my hair looked like. It just felt the same to her. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone thought like that?  Even though we look different, we all feel the same. Today, my little dc girl taught me a lesson. We are all alike. Like it or not.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Solo Road Trippin'

Decided to take a little road trip by myself Saturday afternoon. I told you about Beth's, Patina White shop at the Detroit Lakes Flea market a few posts back Well after the season ends, she has another shop at her house. She has an annual event that I've never been to, so off I went! What an absolutely fantastic day. The sunshine, warm weather and my cup of joe and I hopped in my super cool mini van, (O.k. O.k. I know. It's not really cool. But it's paid for and that's cool!) and hit the road. The best part for me, about traveling solo is, if I see something that catches my eye and I just have to have a shot of it, I stop. I get the shot. There's no begging... "Please stop the car! Please turn around!Pleeeeease!!!" And there's no whining, "Oh gee....guess we missed it. Can't turn around here. No room.... It's too far back...." Whatever. So, yeah. I stopped 2,344 times and turned around 4,333 times and took 5,443 pictures and only came up with a handful of good ones. But, hey. It was my day. I can do that on my day. Here are a few shots that made me smile and stop the car.
Hope they make you smile too.

Now that's funny!
I would love to meet the people who did this.
You just know they are fun!!

I've posted this one before.
It makes me laugh every time I see it.
One of these days I'm gonna stop
 at that Liquor Store just for the heck of it!

Oh Beautiful, for spacious skies...
It could have been a better shot, but I had to take it
without looking as I drove by. Had to keep my hands
on the wheel and my eyes on the road!
Not bad for shooting blind if I do say so myself.
Gotta love Perkins for doing this.
Did you know there is a flag at every Perkins?

Don't ya love this?
Probably not, but I do!
There wasn't anyone around and there was a little
driveway, just calling my name...

My dream home.
Just kidding!
It's the house that went with the silo.
I can't help but wonder what happened to the
people who lived here. Where did they go?

Actually, this is my dream home.
It's Beth's house.
Wouldn't you just love to sit on that porch
on a hot summer day, sippin' a little lemonade?
Maybe not. But I would!

And here is Beth's shop.
It's so sweet, I can hardly stand it!

This is Beth.
Love her boots!!
Here she is inside her shop, where all the magic happens.

This made me laugh.
I wish I had one.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Window

Last weekend, Tim told me to go ahead  and set up
 my window at his store as he will be opening soon.
I know that all the other stores uptown have their
windows filled with Christmas decorations, and my
November fall window (Hey, it is November ya know!)
probably sticks out like a sore thumb.
But, I just couldn't do it.
I can not celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving.
It's just not right!!
As a business owner, I know it's probably not a smart move,
and I should jump on the Christmas band wagon with everyone else.
As a sentimental person though...
It just ain't gonna happen.
But, don't worry.
I'll get my Christmas window up.
After Thanksgiving.
Like it's suppose to be.

Just Leave Me Alone. Please.

I know I've posted before about my problem finding clothes that I like/fit etc...how I have to try on 1,223 pairs of jeans to find one pair I like...etc...but let me tell you what I really dislike about the whole trying on clothes thing. It's not the clothes. It's not the lighting. It's not even the horrible mirrors. It's the help! One of  my favorite stores is really annoying to shop at. I won't say the name, but you probably will figure it out anyway. When I ask to use a dressing room, they first ask my name. Then they write it on their dry erase board that hangs on the dressing room door, in huge letters. Spelled incorrectly of course. So now everyone knows Deseray, (Seriously. Have you ever seen it spelled that way? Anywhere???) is in that dressing room, half naked, desperately trying to find something that fits half way decent. Then two seconds after they shut the door, they rap on the door and in a high singsongy voice, I hear... "How ya doin' in there, Desiree?" For Pete's sake! I haven't even had a chance to take my shoes off. But, I'm nice and shout out a "Just fine!" Then two seconds later I hear, "Can I get ya anything, Desiree? Do you need a bigger size?" Once again, I'm nice. I reply, "No thanks! I'm good." Then they are nice and give me about a three second reprieve before I get another rap and a, "How ya doin' in there now, Desiree?" It. Is. So. Annoying!!!! What I really would like to say in my own singsongy voice... is,  "Could you bring me a cup of coffee and maybe a sugar cookie or two? And if you have a nice fuzzy robe and a pair of slippers, bring them too. Actually a newspaper would be kinda nice. Do you have the Fargo Forum? If you can't round them up....then just leave me alone. Please. And thank yoooou!" Someday I just might do it too. Wonder if the cookies will have those little sugar sprinkles on them? I like sprinkles.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Ya Talkin' About?

After almost 10 years of being Landon's mom, and 7 years of taking care of 4,323 day care kids, my "What ya talkin' about?" look radar is permanently on. I know every "look" there is. I know the look that says, "I'm laying here sleeping. I don't have my DS game under the covers. Really." I know the look that says, "I just picked my nose and wiped the boogers on your couch." or "I took her cookie and made her cry, but if I hide it in my mouth and don't chew when you are looking at me, you will never know ." Not much gets by me. I've pretty much got it down to a science. At the craft fair on Saturday, I gave each of my customers a candy cane as a small thank you. I had a few left and stuck them in the cupboard and forgot about them. Until tonight. Tonight about a half hour after I had tucked Landon in bed, I found him standing in the kitchen. I asked him, "What are you doing?" He had the "look" of pure guilt on his face. As he wrapped his arms around my waist he said, "I just came down to say good night Mom. Good night Mom." Oh Yeah, right. I instantly lifted up his shirt and he protested with, "What the heck Mom? I can't even say goodnight without you doing a body search?" I pulled, not one, not two, but three freaking candy canes out of the waistband of his pajama bottoms!! I then had to endure a little "You are so not cool, Mom!" speech as I hauled him back to bed. Oh, my little man.....let me tell you just how cool your momma is. I'm so cool, that in the morning, I just might have those candy canes for breakfast! Might use them to stir my coffee. I just might. And tomorrow when you ask me where those candy canes are, I'll give you my best, "What ya talkin' about ?" look. And you will have no choice but to believe me, because after all I learned how to perfect that look from the best there is. You, my little sweets. Sometimes you teach. Sometimes you learn. I'm learning all the time...and someday when you have kids....I might return the favor and teach them everything you taught me! I can't stop smiling at the thought. O.k. O.k.....you don't have to say it. I know. No, "Mother Of The Year Award," again! Gettin' kinda used it that anyway. Ha!

Wheaton Craft Fair Rocks!

Every year I fill up my "Purse Room"
with the cutest, funnest, hottest,
most unique bags I can find.
Every year I worry,
"Is this the year no one shows up?"
Every year those ladies don't let me down.
They show! And how!!!
I shall worry no more.
Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart!!
You simply amaze me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breathe Baby, Breathe!!

Carla shows off her new blue man
at our refresher CPR class last night!
Much better than those life like
girl dolls we used to have!!

Go, baby go!!

Lynn made me try and save Annie
 with the AED machine.
 About made my arms fall off! 
But, it's all good.
If you stop breathing around me,
I'll take good care of ya!