Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On Landon's Pond

On the side of our house there is a little patch of dirt. For some reason, this patch never got landscaped. (Our idea of landscaping is throwing pretty rocks all over it.) This actually turned out to be a good thing though. Landon is a digger. So, this little patch of dirt became his digging site. We let him dig there, because one, it keeps him busy for hours and happy, and two, it saves our yard from having 3,233 holes dug up in it. So, yesterday I was outside with the dc kids and Landon was digging in his hole. This is a normal event, so I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to his digging. When all the kids had gone home for the day, I told Landon I was going in the house to make supper. (Tim was in Fargo.) When I went outside to call him for supper, I was shocked (O.k. not really shocked. I am getting pretty used to the amazing feats he pulls off. But, I was impressed at the amount of hard work he accomplished in so little time!) at what I saw. Tim has been talking for years about building a pond in our yard like his dad, Laurel's pond. Well, Landon decided to put Tim's words into action! Of course he wanted to go over to his grandpa's and get some fish to put in it. When I told him that grandpa was getting ready to put the fish away for the winter, (He has big water tanks in the basement for them.) and that we couldn't do it, I was a little surprised when he accepted my answer so quickly without any argument or debate. But, that was short lived. He said, "O.k. but I am keeping the water in it so this winter all I'll have to do is brush off a little snow and then I'll have an ice skating pond, and then this spring we are putting in a whole truck load of fish!!" You bet. Whatever makes you happy dear.....

Landon moved each and everyone of these little rocks
from the front side of our house to his pond!!
(And my big ones too!)
I'll let him have them for a little while,
but you can bet they will be going back!!

This is probably only
worth of water....

Landon wouldn't let me take his picture with his pond,
so I had to sneak a picture through the window.
He pulled up the hammock to sit on and
was admiring all his hard work.