Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little Bits Of Happiness

What makes you happy? Not the happy where you're jumping up and down and screaming in delight or can't stop smiling all day happy. The happy where you just sigh and think " is good." The little bits of  every day happiness. Reaching the end of the mountain of laundry happiness. Hearing "I love you" without having said it first happiness. Sometimes life is rolling along so fast and you aren't paying attention and then all of a sudden one of those happy moments occurs. If you don't stop and acknowledge it, it will pass you right by. I love those moments. I live for those moments. Those moments keep me going. Like gas in the car, I need my daily fix of happy bits. Like finding (Tim's) money in the dryer. A good belly laugh. An unexpected compliment. Finding the last piece of cake still in the pan. The shopping carts at the store not sticking together. Landon's funny jokes. The waitress getting my order right. Discovering one more cup of coffee in the coffee pot. Someone (besides me) taking the time to replace the toliet paper roll. Now that I am older, (I would like to point out that I didn't say OLD, I said OLDER.) I appreciate the little things more. I would rather have Tim make supper for Landon and I, two nights a week, than a dozen roses every day. (Seriously!)
I like the little things. They mean a lot.

So here is a little bit of happiness today, for you from me....

Man, are you are looking good today!
You look like a million bucks!
I ran into your sweetie the other day and the compliments
were just pouring! What a great love you two have.
Did you know that your kids have been telling their friends at school
that they have the coolest parents in town?
Keep up the good work!
You rock!!!

There. Little bits of happiness. Feels great, doesn't it?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The B word...

Last night Landon and I were cuddled up and reading our books. He was reading a school book, and I was reading a trashy Jackie Collin's novel. Poor Little B*tch Girl. (Sometimes I just need an escape from being so smart and need to junk up my brain a bit. Just kidding!) Anyway, I was trying to hold my book really close so Landon's eyes wouldn't stray to the pages of my lovely novel. Suddenly Landon sat straight up, his eyes were big as saucers. He pointed at the cover of my book and said, "MOM! MOM! Look at your book!! MOM! It's the B word!!'s the bbbbbeeeeeeeee word! Wow. I can't believe I'm seeing it with my bare eyes!" I was trying not to laugh, and we had a serious talk about it. But, it got me to thinking, (Again) how many other words does he know, or thinks he knows? When Landon started school I was shocked at how much "life info" he learned from his classmates. Since Landon doesn't have any older siblings, the "life" things he learned up until he was five, were from his dad and I. However, some of his classmates who had older siblings learned a lot more than we taught Landon. I didn't like some of it. But, that's life. So, now I am wondering, at what age do we tell our kids about the birds and the bees these days? When I was in school we had Sex Ed. in the 7th grade. I truly hope it's sooner now, as some of the behavior I've seen kids display makes them look like they need it in the 3rd grade! Landon was born via C-section. He thinks all babies are born that way. Do I tell him the truth now at the age of 8? Will he be the child who informs the entire class how babies are really made and born?  What to do??? When Landon was 5 he asked me what a tampon was. So, I explained it to him in detail. He got a sick look on his face and practically ran out of the room. He never mentioned it again. I'm thinking the birds and the bees aren't going to fly so well either. I've seen the books about "Your body and how it works" for kids at the book store, but it doesn't tell you what age is appropriate to give them to your child.  So, I am welcoming any advice anyone has to offer, but hurry up please!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


We got to see the buffalo for a split second
as we sailed through Jamestown this weekend.
Now you see em'.
Now you don't.

Snap Shot

Tim and Landon went fishing.
I asked Tim to take along my camera and take a few pictures.
So, here it is.
This is it.
I hope he didn't hurt his finger pushing the button.
(Ya, ya, I know...I'm sooooo

Friday, April 23, 2010


I've been trying to plan a summer vacation to Florida in August. I haven't seen my mom in a long time and we wanted to take Landon to Disney World before he feels he is too old/cool to hang with his parents. Now yes, I do know that it is 120 degrees there in August. However, Landon doesn't want to miss any school because then he won't get a "Perfect Attendance" award at the end of the school year. How can I argue with that? So, we were going to go in August. What I didn't know is the prices are tripled in the summer! So, after talking with Tim, we decided to go either during his Thanksgiving break or Christmas break. So, all day long I braced myself for the tears and debating (Landon and I are both debaters and could go around and around for hours on any topic.) that were sure to come when we broke the news to Landon that he would have to wait a bit longer. So, I waited until all the dc kids were gone and I sat down with Landon at the table outside. I explained everything to him and was all prepared for the worst. When I finished, he shrugged his shoulders, smiled and said "O.k. Mom. I'm gonna take Ole for a bike ride. O.k.?" So, that was that. He was totally fine! Just when I think I've got him all figured out....

Spring Concert

Landon has a great voice and loves to sing.

Landon's cousin, Katie sang really well!
(Multi colored top, in the middle)

Landon had a small speaking part.

2nd Grade Class.


They're baaaack......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grandpa's Pond

It was time to take Grandpa's fish
 out of the storage tanks in the basement,
and put them back in the pond.
They were so happy to be back in their pond.
I think I even saw a couple of them smile.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Simple Pleasures

The look of pure delight.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gigante Malvaviscos!

Check out these Giant Marshmallows that
Landon and I found at Willy's this afternoon!
Can you say....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pickin' Berries

Nancy Jo Rinke had some raspberry and strawberry
plants that she wanted to get rid of.
Tim and Landon were more than happy
to dig them up and bring them home!
They also planted watermelon, corn and squash this year.
Now, we just need a fence to keep
all the critters and Ole and Lena out!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear God, It's Me Again....

This is the window/screen in Landon's room.
Lucky shredded/tore/bit and destroyed it
 in his attempt to make a get away.
He was successful.
(This is the second time!)

This is the ledge onto which Lucky jumped,
ran up to the chimney and down the backside.
(I'm thinking we need to move "shingles"
 to the top of our to do list this year.)

This is the backside where Landon spotted Lucky
while we were in the backyard.
He screamed, "I have to save my cat!!!"
and went flying into the house.
I assumed he was going to stand in the window and
say "Here kitty, kitty...." and coax Lucky back into the house.
(One of these days I will learn. One of these days.)
I ran into the house to grab my camera
 to take a picture of Lucky.

This is Landon NOT standing in the window
saying "Here kitty, kitty..."
to coax Lucky back into the house.
He scared Lucky who ran back up and over the top.
So, a picture of Lucky on the roof is not available.
YES, we did have a LONG talk,
and NO he will NEVER do it again!!!
(He's grounded until he is 42.)

This is Landon making his mom puke.
He climbed/ran up to the top and
he stopped and watched Lucky
go back down the frontside and back into the window.
(Amen. Amen. Amen.)

This is Lucky resting after his adventure.
He is about out of lives.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Go For A Ride

Now that the weather is nicer,
Tim, Landon and I have been taking the dogs for a walk every night.
We just go to the park behind our house.
We walk around the park a few times and head home.
It's an easy walk.
So, the other day I said to Tim that I would like
to take the car sometime and drive around the park block
to see how many times around it would take to make a mile.
So, one day we were all in the car together.
Tim and I up front and Landon in the back seat.
I said to Tim, "Hey, let's check out the park."
We didn't tell Landon what we were doing and after the
second lap he noticed we were just going around in circles.
He said,
"What. Are. We. Doing???"
I laughed and told him.
Then he said,
"This is soooooo embarrassing!!"
I asked him why he was embarrassed.
There wasn't anyone even in the park at the time.
He said,
"People can see out their windows you know!!"
We just laughed and laughed.
(He got a little mad too. We're so mean.)
I later found out that I could have saved Landon
the embarrassment by going to
It's a pretty cool site. Check it out sometime.
Oh, and for the record,
four times around that block is a mile.

Just A Few Words...

O.k. I just have to say something about Atkins.
If you are on it and like it, that's great.
However, for me it sucked!
I only tried it one day.
I cooked a ton of meat so I would be prepared for the week.
I ate nothing but meat, cheese and eggs yesterday.
All night long I felt ill and to top it off, I didn't lose anything!
Atkins is history.
End of story.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Four Letter Word

I'm doing something hard and horrible.
It's actually a four letter word.
I can hardly say it.
There, I said it.
Yep. I'm doing it.
I never really had a weight problem until after I got married.
(Notice I didn't say after I had Landon?)
Some how in the last 8 years, I packed on 30 pounds.
It just snuck up on me. I didn't even see it coming.
Last Christmas, Landon had my camera and was taking pictures.
I didn't know he had taken a picture of me.
I had them all on the computer and was checking them out.
I noticed a photo of a "chubby" woman's backside.
My first thought was "Now, who the heck is that?" 
My second thought was "OMG! It's me!!!"
That was my first sign.
My second sign was at the mall.
Trying clothes on in those horrible three way mirrors.
Honestly, as if the lighting wasn't bad enough.
(They make sure you see every grey hair and wrinkle!)
Those mirrors seem to add 10 pounds.
(Don't they?)
I swear they would sell a lot more clothes 
if they would just use those fun carnival mirrors.
You know, the ones that make you look six feet tall and super skinny?
Doesn't even matter that they also make your head four foot wide. 
Who cares? You're tall and skinny!
So anyway, I was trying on clothes and decided
then and there that I would not buy another
article of clothing until the 30 pounds were gone.
I walked right out and never looked back.
So, I am on a mission.
I have a long, hard,
maybe cranky, maybe miserable,
road ahead of me.
Poor Tim.

Tim's The Man!

Tim added a gate to our deck last night.
He also put down a piece of carpet.
Now, the little kids can play safely on the deck,
while the big kids play down below in the grass.
Thanks Tim!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Little Shed Next Door

This is the little shed next door.
(The house is vacant.)
It is really old.
Some of the glass in the windows is gone,
and the door is starting to rot away.
Last night Landon noticed the rotting door.
He has spent many, many hours with his
Grandpa Al tearing down things,
 building things and fixing things.
So, when he noticed the door, he wanted to fix it.
Tim told him that the shed was really old
and falling apart and that the owners
would probably have to tear it down.
The door wasn't worth fixing.
After supper Landon said he was going
 to go outside and play with Ole and Lena.
About 20 minutes later he came in the house
and said "Hey dad! Come and check out what I did!"
I heard Tim yelling and I could see out
the back door that Tim was leaning over the deck rail
just holding his head. Landon was crying "I wanted to help!"
I ran out to see what had happened.
Tim pointed to the little shed next door.
I looked over and saw that Landon had not only
pulled all the siding off the shed as far up as he could reach,
(Luckily it was just on one side.)
he also pulled out the entire window and frame!
Trust me when I say shock is a real thing.
I couldn't speak, I couldn't breath, I couldn't move.
Finally when I could speak I said,
"We have to fix this."
Tim looked at me like I was nuts and Landon
started jumping up and down and said
"Yes! Yes! We can fix it!!"
The picture above is the "after" picture.
I wasn't able to get a "before" because I was in shock
and my hands were full of boards trying to "fix it."
We told Landon that he would have to go to the owner
and apologize and offer to pay for it with his savings
if that's what the owner wanted.
He decided to write a letter instead.
He did this on his own in his bedroom without our help.
He and Tim are going to go to her house tonight and give it to her.
Now, when I say my prayers at night,
I am no longer going to ask for guidance for the next 10 years.
I know that is asking for a lot.
I will simply ask for a little help
in getting through each day as it comes.
One day at a time.


Landon's Letter.
It says:

Dear Kelly,
Sorry for taking off your wood on your garage.
We put it back on. Do you want money for what I did?
Do you forgive me? Please Kelly.
My dad said your going to tear it down.
So I thought that I can help you out.

(Yes. I admit it made me cry.)

Friday, April 9, 2010

How Do You Spell ICUP?

This morning Landon said to me,
"How do you spell icup?"
I told him I didn't think that was a word.
He said "Just spell it like it sounds."
So I said, " i....c...u...p."
We both about fell on the floor laughing!
Get it?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Big Back Yard Tree

It won't be long now and our
big, beautiful, backyard tree
will be in full bloom!
I love that tree so much.
I can hardly wait!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rose Colored Glasses

What is so great about having a blog is, it's mine. I can write whatever I want. Today I want to write about rude people. I think I am getting old. I used to be able to tolerate rudness much better when I was younger. It may simply be that maybe I was rude too, and didn't even realize it. The young, the naive. Anyway, it seems that lately I've been subjected to quite a bit of rudness all around me. I can't seem to escape it. Whatever happened to common curtesy? Please and Thank You? How can I help? Everyone is in such a rush to get somewhere, or they think they are so important that they just can't be "bothered" with manners right now. Why doesn't it seem to bother other people as much as it bothers me? A little kindness takes but a second and goes a long way! I was in the grocery store the other day and I witnessed a woman talking so foul to the cashier. She was so out of line and so rude. The cashier was almost in tears. I was stewing and biting my tongue, and later was kicking myself for not saying something to her. I wish I would have placed my hand on her shoulder and said "What makes you think you have the right to speak to another person that way?" But by doing that, does that make me rude too? I am sad that our society has accepted rudness as just a normal behavior. But, I know I can't change it and it's just the way it is. I know I am not perfect. I have my moments too. I am a strongly opinonated woman. I get into a lot of trouble for it too. So, I want to apologize to anyone I might have offended over the years with my thoughts. If I was rude, I wasn't aware of it and I am sorry. So, from here on out, I am going to keep my "opinions" to myself,  put on my rose colored glasses and keep my mouth shut. (I am going to try anyway.) Carry on.


Introducing Our Two Newest Day Care Friends!!



The Great Outdoors!

Landon, Ole & Lena

Who's walking who?

Well now, isn't this handy?

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Little Easter Fun!

Ya gotta color eggs!

Happy Birthday Cousin Bryan!
Look at those happy faces!

Bryan's sweet wife Becky.

Five little girls and a cowboy.

Landon and his Grandpa Al.
(Bryan's party was at the Airport Museum in Fargo)

Easter Dinner at Mom and Dad Siegel's.

Happy Birthday Katie!

Uncle Shaun took the kids for a spin on his golf cart.

Laurel loves Lena.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Have a BLESSED Easter.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Got Him!

April Fool's Update...
I thought Landon was outside and I was showing
two of my dc mom's the ice cream cones.
Well, Landon was still inside and busted me!
So, I only had Tim to trick.
But, he fell for it....
hook, line and sinker!
He didn't think it was nearly as funny as I did though.
I am still laughing....


I've got a secret in my freezer.
These "ice cream" cones are for Tim and Landon tonight.
They are actually tinted instant potatos and pieces of
chocolate that I picked off of a Little Debbie treat.
I am counting on the fact that both Tim and Landon
are speed eaters. I am hoping that they don't take the
time to "look" at the cones
and go straight to the inhaling process.
I hope I don't blow it.
I can't stop giggling!

Just A Little More Foolin'....

This morning a friend of mine asked me
 if I knew about all the cool
 "April Fool's Food" you could make.
Indeed I do.
When Landon was three, I tinted instant potatos
pink and scooped them on top of ice cream cones.
I thought I would get a few giggles from
Landon and my Day Care kids.
Some of them got quite mad
and some of them even cried!
A couple of them even threw the cones on the floor!
If I would have gotten it on video, I would have
won the AFV grand prize for sure!
Luckily, I had a pail of real ice cream in the freezer.
Never again did I try to fool the kids with their food.
I might try it on Tim though.

April Fools!

April Fools!!!
What a fun day!
This morning when I woke Landon up for school,
I opened the curtains and exclaimed,
"Oh, no! It's snowing!! I sure hope they don't call off school....."
Landon jumped out of bed, ran to the window
 and looked out at a beautiful sunshine filled morning.
I whispered to him "April fools...."
As he crawled back in bed, he said to me....
"Not cool Mom."