Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bible Max!

To kick off Bible Max this year,
the parents were invited to 
enjoy a spaghetti supper with the kids.
The boys were so into their spaghetti they
wouldn't even stop for a second to smile!

Road Runner Gladiator Gauntlet!
We played a game where we split up into two teams.
Each team lined up on either side.
The object of the game was to get from one end
to the other by pushing yourself on a scooter
while holding an M&M on a spoon.
The other team would then throw little balls
at you and try to knock off your M&M.
If you dropped it, you had to start over.
The team with the most M&M's collected wins.

Landon takes a shot as this fella.

Yes, that's Tim in the back!

The picture's a little blurry,
but he made it!!!

The boys get ready to throw some balls!

Pastor Shekleton takes a spin.

Cheryl and Susan scoop up ice cream cones
to end the night with.

Logan and Landon show us how to do it right!!