Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello, Robin Hood!

Landon decided to get out his bow and arrow and
do a little target shooting. He couldn't find his paper
target, so he made do with an old belt and a can of beer!

Almost a bullseye!

I couldn't resist trying it out too.
Landon quickly informed me that I was doing it wrong.
Guess I thought I was playing pool. lol
The fingers go under the arrow, not around them.

Not bad, if I do say so myself!

Then Tim took a shot.

Oh, dear.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Everyday I check Landon's school journal for his homework assignments. On Wednesday, he had written his regular homework assignments and the word, tipi. When I asked him was tipi meant, he told me they were making tepee's. Since there wasn't a note from his teacher regarding tepee's, I assumed they were making them at school. Never, ever assume. Tonight, five minutes before bedtime, Landon had a little freak out because he hadn't made his tepee that was due tomorrow! Say what? He informed me that he brought home a note from school about it on Wednesday. He did not. I check that backpack everyday! But, we had to agree to disagree as there was no time to argue, and we had a tepee to make. Landon refused to let me help, and created the teepee with scraps of material he found in my sewing box, my hotglue gun and twigs from outside all on his own. I am so proud of him! It was suppose to be a small tepee that could fit on a little piece of paper. He did make it small like he was suppose to. But, then he decided to add a little special touch. It's quite the sweet little tipi, it is.

For the record, tipi is another way to spell tepee. I did not know this, until tonight when curiosity got the best of me and I GOOGLED it. See? Ya just never know when you're gonna learn something new!

Just Another Day....

Had a couple of funny events happen today. First, I greeted a little boy at the door this morning without makeup and a towel on my head. (We had a miscommunication on time. lol) I thought I might have scarred him for life, (and his dad too!) but after I finished getting ready, I sat down beside him on the couch and he said to me, "Hey! You're pretty again!" Guess he's gonna be just fine.... (don't know about the dad though....ha!) ;)

Then, I accidently left my baggie of "secret stash" candy coated peanut butter eggs in the dc room last night. While I was fixing dinner today, the kids were picking up the toys in the dc room and found them. With their mouths crammed full of candy, they came running up to me and showed me what they found. I asked them if they ate any of it, and all of them gave me a chocolate, peanut butter filled....."Nooooooo." :) :) :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friends Til' The End

I emailed this to my friend Nancy.
She copied it and made it into a magnet and gave it back to me!
She gets me.

Show Time!

It's that time of year again! The church play. This year I play, "Judith." A very wealthy, snobby business woman who accidentally gets drunk on moonshine! Then she's a hoot! The play is set in the 70's. Wish you could see my white go go boots in this picture. They are groovy baby!!

A Glove, A Ball And A Stick

When I went to pick up Landon at his Grandma's today, this is what I found lying on the sidewalk. Apparently, Landon and his cousins wanted to play ball, but were lacking a bat. I am so proud of them for using their imaginations and making do with what resource's they had. Love it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat

It's hard to believe that in March,
I've got the back door open and the
birds are singing! Lucky is bound
and determined to catch one!
Not gonna happen...

He's saying...
"I hear it! I see it! It's mine!
Let me out of here....."

Science Project

Landon's class had to make a science project
and bring it to school to demonstrate.
Landon showed how different size
batteries could lift different weights, magnetically.

Patiently explaining his project to the girls...

Showing one of his teachers, Miss Demmer
how it all works.
Great job, Landon!

Winter 2012 Rocks!

Winter 2009

Winter 2010

Winter 2011

Winter 2012!!!!!
Love it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Heck Getting Old...

Last weekend, as I was unloading all of the groceries out of the back of my van, I slipped my camera into one of the grocery bags. (I always take my camera with me wherever I go. You never know when you are going to discover a Kodak moment!) As I was doing that, I told myself..."Don't do that." On Monday when I went to get my camera to take a few daycare pictures, it was M.I.A.!! I remembered the part where I told myself, "Don't do that," but, for the life of me, I couldn't remember where I was or what I was doing!! I hunted and searched for that camera all week. It about drove me insane! Of course the kids did everything cute and funny they possible could this week, and I could only sit there and take imaginary pictures in my head. Just wasn't the same, at all! Today, as I was once again unloading all the groceries out of the back of my van, (It takes a mountain of food to feed all those little bellies. I honestly don't know where they put it. When I ask them, they say "my tummy!" O.k. getting off track here...) a can of peaches slid out of one of the bags and rolled under the seat. Guess what else was under that seat? Yep! My camera! Guess it slid out last week like the peaches this week. It's heck getting old, I tell ya. But, all is right with my world once again, and I'm gonna live. Oops, my laptop is telling me I'm low and I better plug in or find another where the heck did I put that cord?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jesus Loves Me

Yesterday, Tim came home for dinner and I took the opportunity to run to the grocery store for a few items. Milk and steak actually. I like my steak small and thin and fresh, and I absolutely need to pick it out myself. Since I am not a huge meat lover, it was kinda a rare thing, for me to be wanting steak. But, everything happens for a reason, and steak I was a cravin'. So, off to the store I went. My bill for the milk and steak and the other 3,233 items spontaneously picked up, that I didn't need, came to $48 and some odd cents. So, I told the cashier to give me a two dollar ticket. Might as well make it an even $50.Right? Boy, oh boy! Am I ever glad I was craving steak! I won $500!!! By the time I got to the bottom of the ticket, I had just about peed my pants! What an unexpected surprise! So, of course I had to post it on facebook. I titled it, "Jesus loves me." One of the comments was something about Jesus and scratch tickets and how they didn't go together, which brings us to a whole 'nother topic. Religion. (for the record, I wrote back..."That's just how I roll. lol) As a child, I had every Bible story pounded into my brain over and over. Because I was just a child, I believed everything I was told. No questions asked. When my family moved to Florida, my parents became friends with another couple who believed in God, but not all the Bible stories. This floored me. I could not for the life of me grasp my little brain around that. But, now as an adult, it's becoming more and more clearer. I am not questioning my faith at all. However, I am now questioning some of those stories. Take for instance, Daniel and the lions den. Here is a full grown man who is thrown into a den of lions by the King. Not only do the lions not even so much as sniff him, they lay down and ignore him! As a child, I was amazed by that story. As an adult, I am thinking if this story is true, then there had to be some serious catnip involved. It has changed my views on the whole religous thing a lot. Whenever I have to fill out any forms where "religion" is asked, I simply write, "Presbyterian." But, I am not Presbyterian any more than I am Catholic or Luthern. We joined that church because we really liked the Pastor and we wanted to get married in a church. Simple as that. I would say I am Christian, I believe in God and I believe God only asks that you do the best you can. I don't believe the ten commandments are "law." I believe they are a guideline to help you along the way. I don't believe if I use a "naughty word," or "buy a scratch ticket" I will go straight to hell, as the Bible says I will. I do have a lot of second thoughts about some of  those stories in the Bible, but it doesn't change my faith in the Man upstairs whatsoever. Those stories were written by men, and we all know how fish tales go. (Just kidding fellas!!) Do I think Jesus/God had a hand in that winning ticket? You bet I do! I think anything involving something wonderful is his doing. That and a whole lot of karma and luck mixed in. It's a big ol' world he has to take care of, and I am sure he welcomes any help he can get. Unexpected blessings! Praise the Lord and pass the A-1 sauce. I've got a lucky steak to eat!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Spotted The Easter Bunny!

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail....
Helping millions of boys and girls
bounce off their church benches
Easter Morning...
Rock on Peter!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

B*tt Whoopin's From Above

The next post you read (I wrote it before this one.) is kinda a pity party post. I was complaining a bit because I didn't have enough "time" to get all the things I wanted to accomplish, accomplished. I'm pmsin' a bit this week (Sorry, fellas.) and feeling a little sorry for myself and a bit crabby. (My new dishwasher plug in quit working and it was kinda the straw that broke the camels back.) After I posted it, I went on facebook and read a post written by a friend who just unexpectedly lost her husband in a horrific accident. And.... Bam! There it is. Reality check sent straight from above.(Oh yeah...the tears were pouring.) Boy, that was the kick in the pants I needed. I got the message loud and clear. I am blessed. I may not have everything I want, I may not even want everything I have. But, I have enough and I am going to appreciate it. All those little things can wait. I am going to sit still and hug and kiss on my son more, (He's gonna love that!) and pay more attention to my husband ( Once again, he's gonna love that! ha!) and hug on my dc kids more too. Life is too short to pout. I'm done. Well, I'm gonna give it a good shot anyway. I'm only human. I might need another kick in the pants again, but I am sure it will find it's way to me. That's one thing you can always count on in life.
B*tt whoopin's from above as needed. Amen.

A Vacation Without The Little Umbrella Drinks

I know I just took a vacation in December, but I'm ready for another one. Not the kind that involves little drinks with the cute umbrellas though. I don't want to go anywhere.. I want to stay home.That's right. Home. Why? Because I have 3,443 projects that need to be finished and some started. I have laundry to do, walls to paint, closets to clean out, (Again! Where does all that crap come from?) a garage to clean, (When Tim takes a trip out of town someday, cuz I'm tossing the whole joint!) a garden to plant.(I am taking over the garden this year. I can't look at 'nother giant weed patch for a whole 'nother summer!) I want to paint my house, (Just painted it a couple of years ago, but the paint is peeling off already! Now doesn't that suck?) I want to paint all the window trim and putty/paint all the holes in the walls from the dc kids. (Again! That's a never ending job.) I have carpets to clean and a counter top and back splash to install. (That's happening with or without a vacation!) My sweet patina shed needs to be scraped and painted and the windows replaced. I want to make it a little hobby shop for ME! But, there is never enough time. Most weekends we are off doing something, somewhere. I just can't make it all happen. I know I am home everyday, but working with 2,334 little kids all day long, I barely get to pee, (and never without someone pounding on the door because they neeeeeeed me or want to know "Whadda doin'?") So that doesn't count. I need a home vacation. Anyone want to watch 2,334 kids for a week? I'll even throw in a couple of glasses of pink strawberry milk with a cute little umbrella and I'll train the kids to wait without knocking while your in the john. O.k. the kid part might not be possible, but I do make a mean strawberry milk drink! Well, I had to try...