Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Whenever one of my DC kids has a birthday,
they get a special birthday treat
(Well, all the kids here that day get that!)
and they get a special present from me.
I try really hard to get something I think they will like.
Sometimes I do good, and sometimes it's a complete miss.
Last week Gracie said
 "When I get as big as Georgia, (her sister)
I am gonna get a backpack too!"
She has been feeling a little bummed because she is a
September baby and her dc friends are going off on the bus
(with their new backpacks)
 to preschool while she has to stay behind.
(She will get to go to Little Flock in Oct. so it will get better!)
So, I thought a backpack would be a perfect present
to get her for her birthday party yesterday.
Boy, did I get that one right!
As she was opening her gift, she lifted the wrapping paper
up a tiny bit and screamed,
"OOOOHHHHHH....It's a backpack! It's a backpack!!!!"
She scared Lucas who was sitting next to her
 so bad he about fell off his chair! lol
Now let me tell you something.
There is nothing in this world that feels better
than when you can make someone so happy,
they scream with joy.

Right before the scream.
Darn camera was too slow.
(Or maybe that was just me...)

She loved the cool stuff inside of it too!
Lucas wasn't too impressed.

Happy Birthday Gracie.
May you have many more
screaming, joyful moments
in your life like these.