Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Little Rambo

My sweet baby boy, (O.k. he's 9 now and not a baby, but even when he is 50, he will still be my baby boy!) loves guns. I hate them. But, I am willing to compromise and I am guilty of buying him a couple of foam dart guns. Those I can handle. The latest one that I bought him was for his birthday, and is one that holds 20 darts at a time and shoots them one after another none stop. It's actually kinda fun! Our (my) house rule is, that the darts can not be shot at anything that breathes. Furry or not. His dad bought him a gun the other day, but instead of little foam darts, it shoots hard, yellow, "not really foam" balls. Whips those balls out it does. Yesterday I was standing at the bathroom sink, getting ready to go to Tim's mom's birthday party. Landon was super excited and had ants in his pants. He asked no less than 3,223 times "Is it time to go? Is it time to go?!?!?" Drove me nuts. As I was combing my hair with my hands raised up, I heard a Rambo cry, a "POW!" and immediately felt a mind blowing sharp pain just under my rib cage on my side. I let out a scream that not only sent the cats running in all directions, but Rambo himself went flying out the door. As I lowered my hand to my body and felt the raising welt through my shirt, I knew I had been shot. What was I to do? What any other smart mom would do. I went to Rambo's room and got his 20 round bazooka and waited. And waited, and waited. When brave little Rambo finally came back, he stood outside the screen door and called, "Mom? Mom??? I'm sooooooory..... Mom. I didn't mean it, Mom. I love you, Mom. Can I come in, Mom?" My heart melted a bit and I put the gun down (hid it under the quilt on the couch) and took advantage of the rare moment that meant I was going to get to hug and kiss on my baby boy. But, even as wonderful as that was, when Rambo least expects it, he's gonna get the surprise of his life! Momma Rambo doesn't go down that easy.

Happy Birthday!

Tim's Mom is 35!

Happy Birthday!

Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 Grad!

Our nephew, Tylor.
What a fine young man you've become!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Lilacs

Remember these?
They are the lilac trees that one of my sweet
DayCare families gave me last year.
A few days ago, there wasn't a flower on them.
But, today...

They're blooming!!!
I love them.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Dawn!

Tim and I went to Cavalier last weekend to do a fantastic purse party for my fantastic friend, Dawn! It was also her birthday and we were planning on going out for supper. I wanted to surprise her with a birthday cake, but since it is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, there wasn't any place to order a cake and I didn't think one I brought along would stay nice for two days. (We left Friday night and the birthday supper was Saturday night.) So I put on my thinking cap and decided to make her a sponge cake.

I filled up my purse with twinkies!!

My Masterpiece!
I think she likes it!!

May all your wishes come true.
Happy Birthday Dawn!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Deserve Diamonds

My Mother's Day Card From Landon.
It says....
My mom should be treated like a queen
and showered with diamonds because...
She makes my bed.
Feeds me.
Washes my clothes.
Cleans my room.
Does my laundry.
She tickles me.
Says funny jokes.
Does funny things.
Go outside and run for 30 min.
She washes the dishes.

Whew! No wonder I'm always tired!
For the record...
It is me that tells Landon to
"Go outside and run around for 30 minutes."
It is a great way for him to burn off
some of his excessive energy.
If I went outside and ran for
30 minutes, you would have to
scrape me up off the sidewalk.

If I Could Turn Back Time

If I could turn back time....
This is where I would go.
To be young and fun and lying in the sun...
No worries. Just Happy.
Those were the days.
(Yes, that's a Miller Lite on ice!)

Ribbons Of Pride

Landon and his team
(Landon, Sam, Quinton and Matthew)
took three ribbons for running
at the Hershey's Track & Field Day Event!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Let Me Explain...

I get in trouble a lot. Most of the time I am innocent. Today for example.
This morning I was helping the kids put together our long, alphabet train floor puzzle. Each puzzle piece has a letter of the alphabet on it with a corresponding picture of something that starts with that letter. After dinner, I was standing by the back door in the kitchen with one of my dc girls, who was waiting for her ride to school. Tim walked in carrying the bag of cat food that I had asked him to pick up. Only thing was, he picked up the cheap, generic, probably made out of cardboard and sawdust kind. I was instantly irritated and the words that just flew out of my mouth were, "Every time you buy that crap, the cats just puke it up!" Tim got irritated too, dropped the bag on the counter and went back out the door. The little girl looked at me, looked at the bag of cat food and then her eyes got really big
and she said, "Hey! You said a C word!"
I can already imagine the supper conversation at her house tonight....

Just A Little Warning...

Saw this sign in an antique shop by McGregor.
Love it!!

A Little Fun Up North

Landon wanted to go hunting when he spotted this deer!
He did get to go fishing, so he was still a happy camper.

The tail of...

Puff's wicked sister!
Landon and I are at the bottom....
in the dark.
(You will have to click on the pictures to see them better.)

Cowboys are my weakness.

Landon and Tim..
in the dark...




Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dragon Trailers

The HOTTEST Bike Trailer In Florida!
(Click on the picture twice for details)

B & G Trailers, Inc.
2340 International Speedway Blvd.
(Hwy 92)
Deland, Fl


Owner: George Lauretti

They'll even throw in a COOL T-Shirt!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Shopping til' I Drop. Litterally.

I spent 14 hours shopping on Saturday for new clothes. What did I get? One pair of pants and four tops. Yep. That's it. That's all I could find. Not only am I a selective eater, I am a selective clothes shopper too. The first problem I have, is I do not like my pants so low that when I sit down, my rear hangs out. When I try on a pair of pants, I always sit down in the dressing room. If there is a draft in the back, they get returned to the rack. The flip side problem of this is, I do not like them up to my armpits either. Trying to find that happy medium is darn near impossible! Then I have my girls. Even after losing 45 pounds, they are still here. What the heck? So, finding a top that will accommodate them without looking like a maternity top or having 50 yards of fabric around the waist is another near impossible mission. And tell me why, oh why, does every single clothing designer in the entire universe think that all women want to bare arms? Their arms that is. I have not mustered up the energy to lift weights and tone up, so therefore, I would like a little sleeve please. Is that too much to ask? Then there are those oh, so cute, tiny little tank tops. But, they are cut down to your belly button, so they require another cute little tank top underneath them. (Well, they do when I wear them!) So, once I get those two tops on and the one with the sleeves, I am wearing three tops and having a mini heat stroke! So, for every 100 articles of clothing I try on, I might find one that works. Oh yeah, I did find three pairs of shoes too. I love, love, love high heels. But, to me a 3 inch heel is considered high. The style these days are a good 6 inch heel! They would be perfect if I had a job down on the corner. But, I don't. I think I tried on no less than 61 pairs and I feel very lucky to have found the three pairs that I did. Honest to Pete....6 inches. Who wears those? Oh yeah, the girls on the corner....Anyway, I am seriously looking into starting my own clothing line for "real" women! All I need is someone who can draw my visions and about 200 thousand bucks. That's all.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sweetest Gift

I am loved.

TCC Rocks!

Dear TCC Residents, Family & Staff,
Thank you so much for inviting me to your home.
I had a wonderful time with all of you!
(I hope you did too!)
Thanks for the many, many laughs,

Rockin' those bags!

Wilma got a good deal and skipped all the way home!

Mrs. Rose and her mom who is 104 years young!!

This young man didn't know what to think.

Barb got a new hat.
There's a smiley face on top!

These girls got new hats too!

Deb Heck.
The FUN Activities Director!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Ultimate Compliment

For years (Seven to be exact.) I struggled with my weight. Up and down and then ,
Up! Up! Up! Those years did quite a number on my self esteem. (I am slowly getting my groove back!) Now, that I've lost the weight and managed so far (Knock on low fat popcorn!) to keep it off, I am dealing with a new problem. Accepting compliments.
 It's hard. Really. When you are cute and young and someone compliments you, you just say, "Thanks!" accept it and go on your way. But, as an older chick who spent many years as a heavy, older chick, it's a whole new ballgame. I find myself saying, "Thanks!" but wondering if they are just "being nice." Because that's what people are suppose to do. Be nice. But, tonight I received the ultimate, most sincere, without a doubt, compliment. From a nine year old. Landon and I were walking up to the school tonight for his Spring concert. (Tim was parking the car.) Landon was a few steps ahead of me and along came a boy that  I didn't recognize.  (I later found out from Landon that he was a new kid in his class.) Falling in step, he took Landon's arm, looked back at me, blushed a little bit, and then he said to Landon, "Dude! Is that your mom?"
 I can't stop smiling.

Just Buggy!

Landon found this huge bug in the yard!
(It was alive when he found him.)
He put him in a jar and when he went to bed
that night, I let the bug go.
I shook the jar so it flew over the porch and onto the ground.
The next day it was still there, but dead.
I think I killed it!
(Don't tell Landon..)

Tim took the bug out to Mike Larson's to ask him what it was.
It's a giant water bug.
Hope he is the only one out there.

The bottom side.
Landon took the bug to school today to show his class.
There are 18 boys in his class.
I am sure they appreciated it much more than I did.

A Ray Of Sunshine

My beautiful flowers, from my beautiful friend.
Thank you, Amber!
(They are so pretty, they must have come from Roxy's Greenhouse!)