Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Clampetts!



Can't take him anywhere... ;)

That's apple cider in that there bottle. ;)

 Black Gold!

Good Morning, Morning....

Shine on me sunshine...
Walk with me world...
 It's a skip-a-dee-doo-dah day....

The only thing better than a sunset...
Is a sunrise!

Bald Eagles On Hwy 75

Spotted these two bald eageles on hwy 75 Saturday.
Had to shoot them out the window
(With the camera!)
as we drove by going 55!
I was only riding....not driving!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Girl's Only Movie Night!

I have a super cool, funny, sweet and lovable Aunt, Idamae. (She's just like me! lol) She recently sent me the movie, "New In Town," and a mystery envelope. I was instructed to watch the movie with my girlfriends and not to open the envelope until after we saw the movie. She said it was really funny and that we would laugh and laugh.... So, I asked my "funny" friend Jackie if she would like to come over and watch the movie with me. After trying to make it happen several times with no success, we ended up going to her sister Dawn's house. (Dawn is another one of my "funny" friends!) Boy, did we laugh!!! That movie is hilarious! It is about a woman who moves from Miami to New Ulm, Mn. Can you imagine? (Actually, I can!) It was a super fantastic movie and if you are from around here, you will love it! I highly recommend it. Thank you Idamae for sending the super, wonderful, funny movie and giving my friends and I a reason to get together and share a few laughs. It was much needed and most appreciated!! Might have to make "movie night" a regular thing....

New In Town
1,017,066 laughs guaranteed!

What was in the mystery envelope?
Tapioca Pudding Mix!
Want to know the story behind that?
Watch the movie!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jammin' In The Kitchen

This morning the dc kids and I were having a little jam session in the kitchen to a country station on the radio. The song, "Tequila makes her clothes fall off" came on. Because everyone was dancing and having so much fun, I didn't think they were really listening to the words. Until dinner time. As I was dishing up their plates, one of my little dc boys said to me, "Hey, Desiree. What are we havin' for dinner?" Before I could respond, one of my little dc girls piped up, "I hope it's not tequila!" ...... Oops. :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

I Feel Lucky!

I have this little voice that speaks to me from time to time. I am sure we all have one. You might call it your conscious or your guardian angel. My little voice nags a lot, so I won't tell you what I call mine. lol....
Anyway, it showed up tonight. I was sitting on the couch after supper and I was just resting. I was tired and I just needed a moment to be still. When that little voice popped up. It said, "Go get your lottery ticket!" over and over and over. I tried to ignore it and even closed my eyes. But. It. Just. Wouldn't. Shut. Up! So, I got up, got in the car and went to the store to get my ticket. While I was there, I decided to splurge a little and I bought a ten dollar scratch ticket. Guess what? I won a hundred bucks!! Whoo hoo...
I have to admit though, I am hoping that little voice wasn't talking about the scratch ticket. I'd really like to win that big one! I might even change my little voice's name to "Princess" if that happened! Ha!

Check it out!
I got three apples for $50 bucks,
and the $50 bonus!!
I'm a lucky girl!

Patina White

A few years ago, my neighbor Adalaid decided she wanted to move to an apartment and sell her house. A man from California bought it with the intentions of moving the house to a lake lot. When he asked us if we wanted to buy the lot and the little garage on it for $1,500, we didn't give him two seconds to reconsider! Sold! The little garage is my favorite thing on our property. It's a tiny little old shed really. The white paint is peeling off from years of rain, wind and snow, and the windows are all broken.  It's a picture of endurance. It's taken a beating, but it's still standing. It's the background for many of my pictures. I LOVE THAT SHED! My neighbors, probably not so much. I am sure they are worried about it decreasing their property values by $3,877,999 or so... But, I don't have the heart to paint it, and as long as I don't tell Tim to paint it, it won't get painted. So, I hold my breath and wait for the dreaded day the neighbors tell him to paint it. I love old stuff like that. I always have. When I was a teenager, my mom used to sew "Little Country Critters" and sell them at The World's Most Famous Fleamarket" in Daytona Beach. I loved that market. One of my first jobs was at that market, selling socks. Now, don't laugh. I made commission and you can bet I sold the heck out of those socks! I only worked Saturdays and Sundays and there wasn't a weekend that I didn't go home with at least a couple hundred bucks in my pocket! That was many years ago and that was a lot of money back then. (It still is!) Being exposed to the market and all the wonderful junk/treasures they sold there was the start of my obsession with old things. So, last summer I was checking out a flea market in Detroit Lakes. There were lots of little shops and lots of vendors just set up in the open air in the grass. I came across a little white shed with peeling paint just like my shed! You know I had to go inside. When I entered the little building, my heart began to pound. My eyes were trying to take in everything at once. I was surrounded by new, old, fun, serious, incredibly fabulous, fabulous junky treasures! It was all my style and it was pure heaven.  You know how they say everyone has a twin? The owner of this fabulous shop's name is Beth. This chick is my twin. Not physically, (She's super tall and super skinny and beautiful! But, she did have blonde hair.) but in every other sense. Her business style, her mannerism, her taste in clothes...I could go on and on. She was my entrepreneurial twin. I didn't want to buy everything in her shop. I wanted to buy her shop!! It felt like a shop that I would have put together. But, because of where I live and all the other circumstances, I will just live my life/dream through her. Lucky her!!! When I found out that some of her items were things she created out of items she had picked up at junk yards, auctions, etc... I was so jealous! I love doing that! She has the perfect shop in the perfect town. (Tons of tourists!) She has my dream job! Her shop is called Patina White and she has a website by that name if you want to check her out. She's one super cool chick! Now when I look out my window at my little white shed, I picture it filled with treasures. It inspires me, but I know three jobs might be a bit too much and I know out of the 1,500 townspeople, only 2 are into that sort of thing. There's also the neighbors to think about. They might not appreciate the old, but pretty blue toilet (remember those??) that I have lovingly filled with pink and white flowers, sitting in front of my little white shed. But, who just might increase the value of their just might.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Has Arrived!

This is one of my favorite trees.
I am a little sad that it has lost so many branches
 from the wind/ice/snow storms over the years.
It looks a little sad too, but come fall...

Getting a little more color now...

And more....

Hold on....

There it is.
Simply stunning.
Fall has arrived!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Olympian Gods

Landon's class is learning
about the Olympian Gods at school.

Zeus gets to be the king.
He is in charge of everyone and everything.
If he doesn't like something,
he has a super cool thunderbolt
that he gets to zap the crap out of people with.
Wouldn't it be fun to have one of those?
"Hey pal, you're driving a little too close to my bumper, there..."
"I believe I was next in line..."
"What did you mean you don't like my meatloaf???"
Oh yeah, I could have fun with one of those.
It's probably a good thing I don't have one though,
as I'd probably wear all the zap out of it the first week!

Hera is the queen.
She gets to be in charge of women, mothers and marriage.
She also gets a cow, a pomegranate and a peacock.
Come on now....seriously?
Zeus gets a super cool thunderbolt, and Hera gets
 a cow, a pomegranate and a peacock???
Well, Zeus can have his thunderbolt.
If I was Hera, let me tell ya what I'd do....
I'd slap on some pretty lipstick
 that I had made from my pomegranate..
Put on my beautiful hand sewn peacock feather dress, 
complete with shawl, headband, and accessories....
(I would hire my friend Lou to sew it for me.
 My sewing skills are limited.)
Hop on my big ol' cow and ride off into the big blue sky.
While Zeus and his thunderbolt are impressive...
Hera now, that chick....she's going places!
Never underestimate the power of a woman, baby!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christmas Is Coming! Say What???

Are you kidding me??????
It's the middle of October, people!!!!!
I am so disappointed in you Walmart....
So disappointed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lifting Weights!

I finally figured out why I couldn't handle those two,
 3 pound weights in my closet.
I just needed one,
 6 pound weight!!!
I've got a good grip on it now and it's all under control.
Piece of cake.

Look Up!

A beautiful reminder to look....Up!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Burn, Baby Burn!!

Our DayCare Association had a training on fires tonight.
Don't the girls look excited?

Here are our firemen Brett and Mike, showing us
 what burns fast, and what doesn't.
Mike is starting a grease fire in the oven.
Don't try this at home and if you do....
you might want to lose the ciggarette.

And we have fire!!!

Sharon puts it out and saves the day!
Now ya know what to do.
See, ya learn something new everyday!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tae Kwon Do

For many summers Landon absolutely refused to wear shorts. He insisted on wearing his jeans. All summer long! Every year, I would take the most worn out jeans and cut the legs off to make shorts. He wouldn't touch them. I was afraid he was going to have a heat stroke! I also didn't want to be that freaky mom who dresses their kid for winter in the summer! Finally last year, he told me why he wouldn't wear shorts. Because his legs would get hurt. He plays hard. Bruises up and down both shins. So, this summer when I cut the legs off his jeans, I about fell over from shock when he actually started wearing them! I didn't say a word to him about it though. I didn't want to jinx it. He didn't wear them everyday, but he wore them enough to keep me happy. I thought Landon had pretty much forgotten about his shin concern until  last week when he started Tae Kwon Do. I was a little concerned how it was going to go after our little football incident. (For the record, he did go back and it must have all worked out, as he seems to be content.) When he came home from his first class, I asked him how it went. He was really excited and showed me all his new moves. When I asked him what the best part of the class was, he got really quiet, slowly pulled up his pant legs, revealing white pads wrapped around his legs. With a big smile on his face he said, "Look mom! They gave me shin guards!" little man is happy, and so am I.

The Stupidest Question On Earth

Gotta get a little pet peeve off my chest here....Every time I go to Walmart as I check out, I have to brace myself for the most stupid inevitable question that always comes. "Do you want your milk in a bag?" Well.....yeeeeeaah! One of these days, I swear I am going to inform them just why I would like my milk in a bag. I would say....."I don't know what kind of milk you buy, but look at this gallon of milk that I have picked out. This jug is made of plastic and it's cold. Once it is removed from the refrigerator and hits the warm air, it forms a condensation. Condensation is wet. Therefore, I can not place this gallon of milk on my car seat. The next obvious choice of placement would have to be the floor. Now, if I place it on the floor then the condensation is going to pick up the carpet fuzz, french fries, boogers and lord only knows what else my kid has thrown on the floor back there. So, when I get home, I will have to wash this gallon jug before I can place it in my refrigerator. Do I want to do that? I do not. So yes please, I would like my milk in a bag."
I know our teachers always told us that there aren't any stupid questions, but I beg to differ. Would I like my milk in a bag?......Geez Louise......

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

After years of planning, Dawn & I were finally able
 to get together for our girls weekend!
Olive Garden!
Brenda & Mo
Had to hit playland in the mall for a little big girl fun!
These kids refused to let us have the little dino.
So, we shared. Like good kids!
I wish I had a cave like this that
 I could hide away in at my house.

Nancy joined us later.
Ready to paint the town red!
Or at least pink anyway.
We put the camera on the timer.
Didn't work too good.

One more try.
A little better.
First stop.
Nancy and Mo learn that when you push two tables together,
You shouldn't be against a wall.
Getting so smart on this trip!
The Naughty List.
Every where we went they asked for our I.D.
Not to make sure we were 21,
(Hey, we could pass for 21....let it go....)
but to make sure we weren't barred from their establishment!
I was shaking in my boots everytime they looked for my name.
What is going on in Fargo???

There was a little Octoberfest thing going on outside.
Not sure if he was part of it, or just likes red socks.

Look at the chick in the green skirt!
I think someone mighta slipped a little something in her ale!
That looks painful!
Dawn's friend, jill joined us later.
When I as a little girl, my dad had a pick up just like this one!
(Minus the siren.)
My mom used to write her and my dad's names on
the dashboard with chalk.
I loved that truck!
I would love to have one just like it someday.
(Minus the rust!)
What a trip down memory lane.

Until these guys came along and ruined the moment. lol
Showing the girls how to toss and catch popcorn.
That's cheating!
Once again...

Not even close.

Show me your disco move!

Staying Alive!

John Travolta ain't got nothin' on us, baby!

Thanks for the good times,