Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm A Terrible Cook!

If Landon could have his way, he would eat supper at our local mini-mart every night. He would eat the processed mystery stuff they pass off as "meat", the greasy fries, the rock hard cookies and any junk food found on aisle two, for all three meals. With a large pop. If I let him. But, because I love him, I make him real meat and real potatos and real veggies and such, and as a result he tells me "You are a terrible cook! Why can't you cook like H _ _ _ _ 's?" I don't know what happened. When he was little he would eat anything I put in front of him. Then slowly his tastes changed. It worries me, because I am a terrible picky eater. I don't like very many "healthy" things either, and I certainly don't want him to grow up to be a picky eater like me. So I try to let him choose what he would like me to make for supper and sometimes it works and sometimes (if it's too healthy or not one of his favoites.) I am a terrible cook that night. I tell him when he is older he can make all his own food choices, but as long as he is "my child in my house" (I am so turning into my mother!) he will eat what we eat. So basicly, what I am telling him is "You can't do the stupid things I do, until you're older." But not in those words of course. So how do I get out of eating the veggies I don't like at the table? I lie. I tell him I already ate mine at dinner while he was in school or right before we sat down. I know, you are shaking your head and tsk, tsking. But, really it's for the best. If I gag while I am eating my veggies, how am I going to convince him that they are really yummy? It's hard for me too, because I totally get how he feels and where he is coming from. I remember as a child trying to eat squash and peas and it making me gag and gag and feel sick. My dad kept telling me to "knock it off and just eat it!" and I would gag and slowly force it down. As I got older though, I got wiser and when he wasn't looking, I would stick it in my pocket and after supper I'd go outside and feed it to the dogs or throw it in the woods. (We lived in the country. Sorry dad.) When I was pregnant with Landon I wanted to eat healthier. So, I would make veggies and force them down. I would gag and gag. Tim would laugh and laugh. (Sometimes he's not very nice!) But, I did it. Did I keep on doing it after Landon was born?
No way!!! I'm older now.
I can do all the stupid things I want, as much as I want.
And I do.