Sunday, May 30, 2010


We went to the cemetary yesterday to put flowers
on my grandparent's, Paul and Elaine Lindquist's graves.

Landon gave them each one of his quarters.

He said a little prayer.
(Yes, I cried BUCKETS!!)

When it was time to go, he decided to keep the quarters
and left pine cones instead.

Landon decided this one needed a little help cleaning up.

And this one too....
(He would have cleaned them all if we would have let him.)
Bless his little heart.

Rain Forest Catapillar Condo

Landon decided to create a "Rain Forest Condo" for his catapillars.
Tim is going to put a screen over the opening so they can't escape.
They are living in his bug box until then!!

The Pool

It can't open soon enough!

Mow Baby, Mow!

Landon helped Tim mow Grandpa Laurel's alley way.
It was his first time pushing a mower.
He loved it, but the mower got really heavy
as the bag filled and he only made it a couple of laps.
He did great!

Peaches and Cream

My corn shuckers.
If you get to Walmart in Wahpeton,
they have peaches and cream corn on the cob
for 20 cents an ear and it is GOOD!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Those Were The Days...

One of Tim's customers gave him some fresh farm eggs.
It brought back a lot of memories of the Rhode Island Reds
that we used to have when I lived in Florida.
Most of the time Charlie, my ex husband would pick the eggs,
(Yes, I have a ex husband and that's all I'm going to say.)
but some mornings I would treck out to the hen house to gather the eggs.
(My beach days were long over, but I did have a pool in my back yard!)
Because we lived out in the country,
I would head out there in just my nightie, and because I
didn't want to get chicken poop on my own shoes, 
I would wear Charlie's big ol' cowboy boots.
Back then I was cute and young and that nightie was pretty skimpy.
I never really worried about getting caught out there by anyone,
until one time when this old geezer of a guy decided to visit.
Charlie had an A.C. and Heating business
 and the guy needed his A.C. fixed.
Well, it was one of those deer in the head light moments.
I was half way between the house and the hen house.
I could run back to the hen house and wait it out,
or hold my head up and walk the rest of the way to the house.
I decided to hold my head up and continued walking.
(Clomping in those boots is probably a better description.)  
But, as soon as I got out of his line of vision,
(Yes, he was standing there and gawking like any old geezer would do!)
ran the rest of the way into the house!
I don't miss awkward moments like those,
but every now and then, I kinda miss those chickens.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Back Roads

We had supper in Ortonville last night.
Took the back roads home.
I will never tire of that view.

Landon wanted to know if we were in Minnesota.
If we were, then that meant he could fish in the lake!

I could retire here.
Only 19 more years to go!

Landon watered the trees.
(Landon, someday you will laugh at this. I promise.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Go Ahead, Tickle My Funny Bone

I ran into a friend of mine in the park the other day. She had recently made a huge life change and was having some "what if" thoughts about it. I never know what to say when one needs words of comforting or encouragement. I am always afraid I am going to sound like a generic greeting card or a broken record by saying the same thing everyone else always says, over and over...I need to buy one of those books, you know the ones that tell you what what to say, when to say it and how to say it. Even though I wasn't sure what to say and I wasn't sure if the words I chose were of any use, the one thing I do know, is I know how she feels. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have looked up and said "What. Are. You. Doing? Why are you doing this to me? Haven't I had enough???" Sometimes he answers right away and it's laid out before me plain and simple. Sometimes though, he tells me to figure it out myself. (I hate it when he does that!) Sometimes the answer never comes and I am left waiting and waiting. Now, I am not talking about the little everyday things/people that irritate the heck out of you. Those things are going to happen to you all the time and like it or not, there's not a dang thing you can do about it. I am talking about the big stuff. The really important stuff.  I can either sit down and cry (I do that sometimes.) or I can just try and find some humor in it and laugh it off. (I do this too, but usually after the first option.) Humor is a huge part of how I keep my sanity. Not everyone gets my humor and that's o.k. It keeps me going and sometimes that's all I need. Now, you can take my money. (There should be enough there to buy a nice size ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen.) You can take my house. (But you'll have to make 8 more years of payments and it needs shingles, siding and windows.) You can take my car. (It's paid for, but it's a minivan and no matter how nice you dress, it will not make you look cool.) You can take my husband. (But you will bring him right back.)  You can take my job, (But you will run out the door screaming after the 123,456th dirty diaper change.) But the one thing you can't take from me, is my sense of humor. But I will share.
(My mom said I had to.)

Dinner Time!

Jo's husband, Merlan took these photos.
I don't know how he did it, but all I can say is...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A few posts back, I shared with you
my friend Jo's Momma bird on her front porch.
Momma bird had her babies!!
They look hungry!
Can anyone spare a worm?

Crack Of Dawn

Yesterday morning as Landon was getting dressed,
he asked me if I wanted to hear a song he had made up.
(It was a little fast rap like ditty and he did
an air pump fist on the last three words.)

Here it is:

I got two parts to my butt,
cuz there's a crack
down the middle,
and that

Did it crack you up?

Monday, May 24, 2010

White Lightning

I hope you got to see the light show
 that God put on Saturday night.
It was spectacular!!!
(My poor old camera couldn't capture it. Bummer!)

Landon And His Brother, Clyde

My Very Own Lilac Trees!

One of my dc families gave me two lilac trees!!
I am soooooo happy!!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!


This is Landon's Buddy, Matthew.
They love to play Wii!!

Space Aliens

Check out the loot Landon won at Space Aliens!
And it only cost $123,777.00......

Bumpy Road Ahead

Finally got the bumpy old driveway nice.
Thanks Dad!!!

Track and Field Day

Summer Fun

Landon and the neighbor kids
cooled off in the sprinkler Sunday.

Spring Dance

The boys of 2nd grade!

Fun! Fun!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nature's Finest

Some of the best colors come from Nature.
I found these in our back yard.