Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy! Happy! Not.

My happy leaf pile....
Last weekend Landon made a huge pile of leaves.
Yesterday I had this bright idea that I would get
a picture of all of my DC kids in the leaves.
The baby, Ainsley, did not like the leaves.
At All.
They made her cry.
 Her cries then made the dogs bark,
which scared Faith and Nora and made them cry too.
(As you can see from the picture,
the boys have zero tolerance for girl drama.)
It was very hot outside and the hot weather
made them all a little crabby and short on patience.
I was only able to take two pictures and neither one was very good.
But, I won't give up!
We will get a picture when the weather is cooler and
the dogs are sleeping, and the baby gets used to the leaves.
When the kids have more patience, and everyone is in a good mood.
When I can take several pictures to get the right shot,
and everyone is smiling at the same time.
It could happen.