Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It's starting already. Dora goes to a commerical and the volume magically increases, stardust sprinkles all over the screen and then there it is....The new super, duper, jacked up Easy Bake Oven! It's hot pink and purple and it magically bakes huge cupcakes in two seconds flat. It comes with 1,233 sprinkles and toppings and 5,344 super cute plates to serve them on. (In reality you get a plastic box with a light bulb, but hey, it can all be yours for just $49.99 plus tax!) The kids are up on their feet, jumping up and down and screaming "I want that! I want that!" Normally every year when the Christmas commercials start, I put on my best "Mom" voice and I say, "Now, Christmas is coming and if you want Santa to bring you that, than you will have to be very, very good." This brings a chorus of "'s" and sad little faces. But this time I decided to join in the fun. I started jumping up and down and screaming "I want that too! I want that too!" All the kids freeze, stunned for a second and then they continue to jump up and down and scream "She wants it too! She wants it too! We're getting it! We're getting it!" Oh the joy! Little did I realize that I would have to endure a chorus of "Do you want that too? Do you want that too? Can we get that too????" during every commerical to come....but hey, it was a magical 30 seconds and hopefully now that they have 6,099 other things in mind, they will forget all about the jacked up oven. Maybe.