Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Try To Keep An Open Mind

I am a HUGE Oprah fan. I have been taping/DVR/watching her shows for years. Not all of them though. Just the ones that are of interest to me. However, because this is her last year, (Sob...) I am DVR'ing all of them. I am trying to make an honest (15 minute) effort to watch each and every one of them. As hard as I try to keep an open mind, some of them I just can't get through. If it is an incredibly disturbing topic or an incredibly boring topic, I delete. But, I try. Anyway, the other day Oprah had on THE husband and his FOUR wives from the reality show Sister Wives. They live in Utah. He is allowed to have as many "wives" as he would like. (Only one of them is legally married to him. The others are spiritually married.)  However, the wives are only allowed to have "him". After a few minutes, I decided I did not like this guy. There he was sitting with four lumps of sugar in his coffee thinking, "Sweet!"
I was thinking, "Self-absorbed, insecure, idiot." I felt sorry for his wives as they all admitted to having "jealousy" issues which to me is a huge red flag screaming
"I am not happy!" Even though they all claimed to be happy. But, that's a show for Dr. Phil. I did watch the whole hour, and while I believe that everyone is entitled to their own view regarding marriage, (Just like religion and politics!)
I also believe in the saying.....
"Try to keep an open mind. Just not so open that your brains fall out."
Enough said.