Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jo!

Last night Tim and I had supper with our friends, Merlan and Jo.
We tried out the new Mexican restaurant, "LeTorroe" in Wahpeton.

Happy Birthday Jo!
The crew sang Happy Birthday,
popped air bags and put a lovely hat on Jo.
They also brought a yummy birthday dessert
that Jo was so kind to share with us all!!
We devoured it!

I think she's blushing.

The decor is so darn cute!
Check out the table and booth!
There is clear plexi glass over the top,
 as the characters are all in 3D!

The forgotten birthday cake.
I had twinkies and a candle in the car that I was going to surprise Jo with.
(Only Minnesotian's end their sentences with the word, "with.")
But, in all the excitment at the restaurant, I forgot all about them!
I remembered on the way home.
Tim and I ate them.
Happy Birthday Jo!