Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicken N' Dumpling's

Last night Monica Wilson and I were at the high school passing out
"Vote Yes!" fliers. (Yes, this is my sneaky attempt at reminding everyone to VOTE YES!) Janet Koch came to our table and as she was talking, we noticed a really good smell coming from "some where." (I think it was the teacher's lounge.) Janet said she had made chicken and dumplings. She was telling us about the recipe and how it was only four ingredients in a crock pot. Now, that's my kind of cooking! She left and returned  with two bowls of chicken and dumplings for Monica and I to try! (She is SO nice!) Now, if you know me, you know how I have these funky taste buds and am leary about trying anything new. But, I knew what the four ingredients were and it just so happened they were actually ingredients that I like! Now, let me tell ya folks.....
That was some good eatin'!!!
Thanks for the recipe, Janet!!
Two small cans of cream of chicken soup
Two small cans OR one box of chicken broth
Four or five frozen chicken breasts
Two cans of refrigerated biscuits

Mix together the soup and broth
Throw in the chicken
Cook in your crock pot on high for five hours
Take a fork and shred your chicken after the five hours are up
Cut up your biscuits and stir into the chicken mixture
Cook for one more hour