Friday, October 15, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Last night we had Landon's Parent Teacher Conference. I have to take this opportunity first, to high five our son and proudly report that Landon is above average or right on target on ALL his subjects!!! We are so PROUD of him!! Way to go Landon!!! You rock!!!! With that being said, I'd like to tell you about the time Tim and I spent in the hallway last night, waiting for our turn with Landon's teacher. Taped to the walls there were mini-biography's that each child had written about themselves. Also, there were paper T-shirts that they had colored with the saying "This summer I went to (The kids filled in the blanks) and all I got was this stinkin' T-shirt." They were really cute. As I was reading what the other kids had done last summer, in the back of my mind I was wondering what Landon had written. We didn't get to take an "official" vacation this year. We were hoping to go to Florida, but it didn't pan out. (It is still in the works though!) We did take several fun weekend road trips to different places, lots of fishing trips and he and his dad rode the big bus to a TWINS game. He did a lot! Guess what he wrote???

That's right.
The freakin' dollar store!!
After I got over my "Are you kidding?" moment, I had to laugh. Now let me explain something about the dollar store. We don't go to the "General Dollar Store." We go to the "Dollar Tree Store," where everything in the store is just a dollar! I like to shop there for Day Care supplies. They carry a lot of Disney items and Pixar items, that are normally ten times the price in regular stores. So with everything being just a dollar, I can easily pick up items for each child. They also carry a ton of wrapping paper, bags, hand soap, cleaning products etc. Landon loves to go there because they also have a huge candy and toy section!
We run around like crazy ladies at a white sale and load up our cart/carts
 with all sorts of "must have items" and walk away loaded down with
1,233 heaping full bags... for about two bucks.
(O.k. O.k. it's more than two bucks, but you get the idea.)
 So, pretty much every time we see a "Dollar Tree" we stop.
Anyway, last night I asked Landon why out of all the things
he got to do this summer he picked the Dollar Store.
 He told me,
"Because we have so much fun there, Mom!"
So, it is true...
Little things mean a lot.

For the record, the paper up at the top is a full page story that Landon wrote.
It tells about how he and his dad love to fish together.
Tim got a little teary when reading it.
Which made me a little teary.
(Yes, we're big babies!)
So once again, it is true.
Little things mean a lot.