Monday, October 18, 2010

Let There Be Light

The other day Tim came home with new "Eco friendly" natural light, light bulbs. He decided to put them in the bathroom. My bathroom. The one I use every day to get ready. Let me tell you something about those natural lights. There isn't anything natural about the lighting at all! It takes 1,222 hours for them to "light up." During that time, the bathroom has a twilight zone color to it. I can't stand it! But, I felt we were doing a small part to "Save The Earth" so I went along with it. Saturday night I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out with our friends, Merlan and Jo from Breckenridge. Because it was a special night, I decided to wear a little "extra" makeup. My reflection in the mirror showed me as having a skin tone something like a cross between Big Bird and Kermit the frog. I knew it was just the lighting from the new bulbs, and wasn't too concerned as I could probably put my makeup on with my eyes closed if I had too. As we were pulling into Breckenridge, I flipped the visor down to look in the mirror for a "quick lipstick check." HOLY SMOKES! Tammy Fay Baker was in the car! I am so glad I checked. Of course my darling hubby never said a word, and for some reason beyond me, thought I meant to look that way! (Yes, I scrubbed half my face off before we got to the restaurant.) I have decided that Tim and Landon can have the bulbs and "Save The Earth" upstairs in their T.V. room.
I'm done being green.