Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spaghetti Tacos

One of my little dc girls has been begging me to make spaghetti tacos for a long time now. (I knooow! It doesn't even sound good, does it?) I have been trying to avoid it, in the hopes that she would forget all about it. But, she hasn't. So today was the day! I told her we would try it. I was hoping the other kids would like it too, and I wouldn't end up throwing all the taco shells in the garabage. She swore up and down they were super yummy and everyone would love them! "Really! Honest! They are the best!" she said. So with an uneasy feeling, I went ahead and made them. She was right. They must have been super yummy, as each and everyone of them cleaned their plates today! (No, I didn't try it. I just couldn't do it.) As I was clearing the tables, I asked the little girl who made the request if they were as good as her mom makes, to which she replied....
"Oh, my mom doesn't make them. I just saw them on iCarly."