Monday, March 28, 2011

Looking Back

Tim is 6'3. I am 5'4. Normally the 11" difference isn't a big deal. Until we try to get into our van after one of us has been driving. If Tim has been driving, the seat is so far back, I can barely reach the steering wheel. The rearview mirror gives me a view of the ceiling and the side mirrors let me see the birds flying by.
He also likes to lean the seat so far back, that I feel like I am laying in the dentist's chair. When Tim gets in the van after I've been driving, his knees are scrunched up by his shoulders, and the seat is straight up and down, giving him about 1" of breathing room. I would guess his view in the mirrors are of the floor and the van tires. It takes a few minutes of adjusting before we are able to go anywhere. Yesterday, we made a quick trip to Alex to hit Menards and Walmart. Tim was driving, so the view out my side mirror was of the sky as usual. However, yesterday the view was so pretty it was almost breathtaking! The blue of the skies was just piercing and the clouds were the whitest of white. The sun was shining and peaking through the clouds. It was just an awesome moment. I felt so relaxed,
I leaned my seat back and enjoyed God's nature show all the way to Alex.

The picture really doesn't do it justice!