Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Finish Line

Our basement isn't a pretty thing. It's not a finished basement. The ceilings are really low and we would have to jack up the house to be able to do anything nice with it. The house is old and would probably fall apart if we did that, so we just use it for storage, the laundry, and Tim's desk. Landon likes to play down there and because it's winter he has been riding his scooter down there. He goes around and around the furnace, like a race track. It's not a very big area, but it works. This morning when I went down there to do the laundry I found this!!!
(It's always something....)

Apparently, Landon decided to PAINT a race track on the floor!
(I wasn't home yesterday, and Tim isn't sure how this happened. Really?) 
To be honest, I really don't care about the floor.
What I did care about was I "thought" he had used the
gold paint from my living room that I was saving for touch ups!
Yeah, I freaked out a little.
Once I found out it was just sealer paint Tim had purchased
to actually paint the basement floor with, I was o.k.
However, Tim's not. Now that I know we have basement floor paint,
he's gonna have to get to work!

The finish line.
Is this the end of it all?
I highly doubt it.
(For the record. YES! Landon did get a HUGE lecture about paint!)