Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Happy Ending!

My friend Monica, saw the "new" kitty on my blog.
She then told our friend Jane, who had been missing her kitty,
(I did not know this!)
that she thought my "new" kitty was Jane's kitty!
It was!
Jane and her kitty are now reunited
and all is well again in all of our worlds!
I love a happy ending.

P.S. Sorry that the picture is so far away.
I didn't think to get the picture before Jane was already half way home!
 I screamed her name to stop her,
 and ran in the house to get my camera.
I zoomed in, but it's still pretty far away.
So just click on the picture to enlarge it,
(You can click on the enlarged picture to enlarge it once more.) 
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