Monday, March 7, 2011

Little White Lies

My Day Care kids "think" they don't care for turkey. So, when we have turkey sandwiches, I tell a little white lie and call the turkey... ham. Today when the kids asked me what we were having for snack time, I forgot to say "ham" sandwiches, and when I said "turkey" sandwiches, they all responded with a huge chorus of, "Nooooo.....eeewwwww.....not turkey!" So, then I quickly said, "O.k. we will have ham instead, to which they all immediately started jumping up and down and screaming, "Yay! Ham! We're having ham!!!" When I had set the sandwiches down in front of them today, they devoured them, all the while making "Ummmm....yummmmm..." noises. I have to admit, I do it more often than not. One little boy will not eat BBQ's, but if I say they are Sloppy Joe's, he's on board! I have to call the carrots, "candy" carrots and I  tell the girls that if they eat them, they will make them pretty like princesses! The brown beans are also in the "chocolate jelly bean" family and I tell the boys they will help make them strong, like super heros. Now of course I don't like fibbing to them, but tell me how can something so simple, that brings so much happiness, (and good, healthy eating!) be a bad thing? It just can't be. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and eat my "candy" like a good girl, so my eyes will be pretty and my arms will grow so big and stong, I will be able to throw a football across the entire football field!
What the heck. Ya gotta believe in something.

The boys enjoying their ham sandwiches...