Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Adventure At Walmart

Our New Day Care Water Bottles!
These are the best water bottles!
They are just the right size for little hands,
and they are BPA free!
(Google it)

Every spring Walmart puts out new mini water bottles. You can only get them in the spring. (They sell the big ones year round though. Why is that?) So, every year, the dc kids and I wait paitently for them to come out, so we can replace the old ones with new ones. It's something we look forward to. Recently, every Monday, the kids ask me if I found the new water bottles yet, and sadly I have to answer, "No. They aren't here yet." (They know I have to "go out of town" on the weekend to find them.) Well, Saturday I was at Walmart and I spotted the new "big" water bottles on half empty shelves! They normally are tinted a light blue with blue, pink, or green caps. This year they were tinted an olive green, (I didn't think the kids would be crazy about that color.) red and blue. (They would like those!) There was a pallet of four huge cardboard boxes sitting in front of the half empty shelves and I was praying the "mini" water bottles would be inside one of those big boxes. It was all I could do not to rip right into them! Instead, I minded my manners and hunted down a helper. I located one stocking shelves in the pet food section. I told her my dilemma and asked her if she would look in the boxes for me. She wasn't too excited. A young thing who seemed to only have one speed. SLOW. She had tons of " lame excuses" which never flies with me. I will go with a "good reason;" but a "lame excuse" just makes me nuts. She said, "Uhhhh....well.....I'm suppose to be putting the dog food's not really my department....I don't know.....can you come back later...." So, I told her that I would help her go through them, if she would just follow me. So walking at a snails pace (I felt like I was leading a reluctant puppy to the Vet!) she said, "Uhhhh....well......O.k.....I guess.....HUGE SIGH...." When we got to the boxes, she slowly opened one up. Then she slowly picked up one of the little boxes inside, and slowly read OUTLOUD what was written on the box, then slowly set it back inside the box. Oh yeah, I was SCREAMING inside my head!! I couldn't stand it. Sometimes the Type A Lady in me takes over. I have no control over her, but she always seems to know what needs to be done. She jumped right in and took right over. She told the young helper (nicely) to hang on to the edge of the box for her, (She wanted her to feel included.) and within a minute or two she went through each and everyone of those big boxes. (I think the helper had a brain freeze, she was in such awe!) I was so bummed that the mini bottles were not in any of the big boxes. So, I said to her, "Do you think you could check in the back room for me?" I said "please" and told her again how all my little dc kids have been waiting and waiting and how happy they would be if she could find the bottles for them. I told her how I lived far away and couldn't "just come back later." That it would be another week. More excuses. "Ummmm....I'm not sure where they's not really my department.....ummmm....I don't know....HUGE SIGH...."
Honest to Pete! She gave me no choice, but to pull out my trump card. I said to her,
"Well, maybe we could find the manager and he could show you where they are."
Oh yeah, that put a little gas in her bass! She said she would go check.
The minutes went by and by....I was almost to the point of going in the back and finding them myself. But thank heavens, just then another helper came along and started pulling the little boxes out of the big boxes. I explained the situation to her. She said she knew exactly where the bottles were, and that she would go in the back and help the other helper find them. Now that's what I'm talking about!
Just do it. No excuses! They came back within a couple of minutes carrying a small box! I was silently praying, "Please don't let them be the green ones. Please don't let them be the green ones." They were the green ones. But, I was out of patience and I decided to go with my own dc motto,
"You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"
So, instead of throwing a fit about the color, I threw them in my cart, thanked the ladies for their help and headed to the Easter candy aisle, where I devoured 1,610 peanut butter Easter eggs within 49 seconds.
Sometimes the Type B Lady in me knows what needs to be done too.