Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yes, We Have No Green Thumb

See the pretty green plants by the bike?
Oops. I meant, see the pretty green WEEDS by the bike?
We have no green thumb.
Tim did spray the weeds once and then we
had brown weeds. I liked the green ones better.
I think because of all the years I spent as a child
weeding our huge garden, I now have an
adversion to weeding. It looks terrible, but
I just can't get out there and weed.
It's even worse along the side of our house.
Like a mini jungle.
Landon has been pulling weeds and doing yard
work all summer for his Grandpa to earn a little money.
I think I might have to hire him.
Before we can no longer see the house.

 I offered Landon $10 to pull the weeds out of the rocks in the landscaping around our house. He came back in after a couple of minutes and said "That's gonna be a $20 job." I told him that was too much and he said "I gotta have $20 or I can't do it." While I didn't like his answer, I loved that he knows what he's worth and held out. I'll probably cave this weekend and pay him the $20. :) :) :)