Thursday, August 19, 2010


Opie is gone. He went to a wonderful family in the country where he can be with kids and other cats and chase mice and butterflies. (The family asked us not to tell who they are as they don't want other people to start dropping off their cats too. We totally understand!)  I know he will be incrediably happy. But yet, I can't seem to stop getting teary eyed. He was the most sweet, lovable kitty ever. However, he stopped using the litter box and started leaving little "surprises" for us. After almost two weeks of this, we (Landon and I. We were the ones who had to clean it all up!) just couldn't take it anymore. None of our other cats have ever done that. Never. Ever. It was a bit overwhelming. When Tim came home from work, he took Opie to the farm. I couldn't do it. After all we went through to keep him, I still can't believe he is gone. Landon was fine with it as he was really, really tired of cleaning up the mess. He also was in charge of Opie's litter box and he hated that! So, he was o.k. with Opie going to the farm and was really happy with the new home he was going to. I am the one having the hard time. I can't stop crying. I will be perfectly fine and then, BAM! Tears. Dang it anyhow. I get so attached. I know it had to be done. I know it is a good thing. I know Opie will be happy there. I know all of that. I can't help it, I still miss him.