Monday, August 23, 2010

Shooting Star Fun!

Happy Birthday Kenny!

The Girls.
This is what happens when two people
are taking pictures at the same time.
You don't know where to look!

The boys.
Don't they look happy?

Kareoke in the afternoon.
No. We didn't sing.
They were all too good!

Dancing with my man!

Fun in the ladies room!

Made some new gal pals.
Hard to tell who is 20 and who is 40.
Right?? lol


24/7 in the evening.
This band was good!!

This little boy asked me to dance.
He loved to jitterbug.
I kept thinking,
"If he lets go of me, I'm going over the railing!"
(He didn't.)
Tim was so happy he came along,
 so he could get out of dancing duty!

The machines were cold, but we still had fun.

The end.