Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Few More Great Ideas

Last night Landon decided he needed to have
 his supper inside of my cupboard.
With my lamp and my chairs and my throw...

His argument was, since I only stored "DC stuff"
in there, it wasn't really "my stuff" that he was messing with.
He had all his camo clothes on
(He took off his flannel camo because it was hot in there!)
and the black lines on his face are for camo too.
He claimed he needed to be in the cupboard to "hide out."
I let him, but I also made him put everything back
where it belonged before he went to bed.

If you go to the previous post you will see a
picture of ONE cage over the baby bunnies.
We did this to protect the bunnies while the
DC kids were playing in the yard.
Well last night, Landon decided that
ONE just wouldn't do.
 We needed SIXTEEN cages and flags
surrounding the bunnies within a ten foot radius!!
I am trying to have patience. I really am.