Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another D*et Update.

Well folks, I'm HALF WAY there!!!!!! 20 down. 20 to go....UGH!!!!!!! I had Tim take a couple of pictures to post, but I don't like any of them. So, no picture until the grand finale. (Probably in 2012 sometime...lol) There are a few on previous posts that will have to do for now. So, a couple of weeks ago, I went school shopping for Landon. I was a little excited because I wanted to try on clothes for me too. I used to LOVE shopping for clothes. I had so many clothes it was sinful. But, then I packed on 40 pounds and clothes shopping was a nightmare. I'd go home in tears everytime. (I'd also stop at DQ for an ice cream sunday to help with the tears.) So, I've been cleaning out my closets. I hauled several car loads (No joke!) to several different charites. I got rid of all my bigger size clothes (I told myself that if I gain the weight back, I will have to just go naked. I will not buy bigger clothes! That thought terrifies me, so it should work!) as well as my smaller clothes. It has been years since my smaller clothes fit and they were waaaaay out of style! Momma jeans I had. You know the kind that go up to your bra? They used to be hot! Imagine that. lol... Anyway, trying on the clothes in the stores was fun, but the problem was I didn't like the colors! Everything was really drab. They were all the nice fall colors, yellow, orange, green...but, they all had a grey tint to them. Like someone washed them with a pair of black jeans. I didn't buy any of them. But, I guess that's the style now. Seems I am always a year or two behind in the styles. If I had the $$$ I'd start designing clothes for real women. Not that plus size garbage that's out there either. Anyway, there was one thing that caught my eye that I LOVED!!! Western shirts are back!!! I felt like I was transported back to my cowgirl years. The colors were great too! Vibrant and cool. I wanted one in every color! But, I only bought one because I am only half way there. I promised myself a kick bottom shopping spree when I do finally reach the end. Now, just to stay there, once I get there. UGH!