Thursday, August 5, 2010

Siegel Family

The Siegel Family.
This is our attempt at getting a family picture.
We wanted to take it in front of Grandpa's pond.
But, our mistake was the sun was shinning directly in
everyone's eyes, resulting in a lovely constipated look.
The kids are scattered all over too,
so you don't know who belongs to who.
The new plan is to hire a professional in the fall
to line us up and tell us what time the sun will be nice to us.

Siegel Grandkids

Happy Birthday Laurel and Grace!
Check out those cool bags that their
super cool Aunt Desiree gave them.
Hee hee...

Fort Siegel

Front row left to right:
Landon, Laurel and Kianna
Back row left to right:
Kaitlynn, Jack, Grace and Isaac.
(Puppy Zoey)