Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Fort

I helped Landon tie this tarp around the lower branches
of one of our backyard trees the other day.
I "assumed" (Why do I do that???)
that he was making another fort to play in.
Last night as he was headed out the door he said,
"Hey Mom, I'm gonna go and check out my cat house!"
"Your what???"
"My cat house! It's gonna get cold soon and
Momma cat and her babies are gonna need a place to stay."
                                                 (Yes, they are still hanging around. Ugh.)
So, this morning I went out there to "check it out"
and there was Momma Cat chowing down
 on the "supper" Landon left for them!
She got spooked and I didn't get her picture,
but I am sure she will be back.
I'll let it be for now, but sooner or later it's coming down!