Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taking A Drive Down Memory Lane

When I was a little girl, my dad had a truck like this.
It was blue and had a metal dashboard inside.
My mom took a piece of white chalk that he used for work,
and wrote their names on the dashboard with a heart around it.
I used to sit in that truck and just stare at the little heart.
I loved that heart. I couldn't read yet, but I knew what it said.
I could feel it in my heart.
 It was love.

Last fall, I had a girlfriend weekend in Fargo,
and when I spotted this truck, the memories and emotions
 just came flooding back! I had no choice, but to crawl up on that
truck and enjoy the memories for a little bit. I have always wanted
a truck like that. There is a fella here in our town that has one,
and it's all I can do not to ask him to take me for a spin!
Just might do it anyway.

This one has my name all over it!
Someday, baby....