Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's A Miracle!

Last night the angels came to me, placed their hands on my head and whispered, "Be well, my child," and I was cured! O.k. that didn't happen, but, it felt like it anyway! Yesterday I was thisclose to going to the ER. (Our clinic was closed. Check out yesterday's post to see how happy that made me!) I thought for sure I had a sinus infection. After two days of feeling like if I so much as sneezed, my eyeballs would pop out of my head, I was desperate. Last week I asked Tim to go to the store and get me some cold pills to stop my nose from running. He came back with decongestant pills. Pills that make your nose run! When you live in a small town and it's cold and flu season, the meds on the shelf are pretty much picked over. I threw the box in the cupboard and chose to suffer through it. I couldn't handle much more running. Well, last night I got out that box again. Took a good look at. At the bottom of the box in small, little letters it said, "For sinus pressure." OMG! I popped three of those babies, (YES, THREE!) plus two advil and was in bed and sound asleep at 7:30. When the alarm went off this morning, I sat up in bed fully prepared to hold my heavy head in my hands. Instead, it was light! The pressure was gone! So was the pain in my left ear and throat! IT WAS A MIRACLE!!! Well, it felt like it, anyway. Even the green fur balls were gone. (Once again, you'll have to check out yesterday's post.) Now, I just feel like I have the tail end of a common cold. I'm gonna live! Well, it feels like it anyway.