Friday, January 20, 2012

My Facebook Family

If you would have asked me five year ago if I was on facebook, I either would have laughed or said, "What's facebook?" Facebook has been around since 1997, (Yep. I GOOGLED that.) but I didn't become a member until 2008. Always a little behind in the techno world, I am. I remember sitting in my Mother-in-law's living room back in '08, having a conversation with one of my sister-in-law's. The topic of facebook came up. I don't know why I had always assumed it was for teenagers, since I had never actually checked it out, but that's what my view of facebook had always been. I asked my sister-in-law  if she was a member thinking she would say something like, "No way!" When she said she was, I instantly blurted out a very surprised, "You are???" When she said it was a great way of keeping in touch with people who you no longer see everyday, I thought I better check it out. Long story short, it is not just for teens and I love it! I can chat and keep up with everyone from my past and present, and never have to clean my house and invite them over for supper to do it. Love it, I tell ya! This morning, I made a post asking if anyone had an old scrub/wash board that I could borrow for my purse display in our store window uptown. At noon the doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone and hadn't a clue who it could be. There stood one of my sweet facebook friends, with a beautiful, absolutely perfect old wash board in her hands! I think I might have even squealed, I was so surprised and happy. I love my facebook family. All 250 of them.

The perfect scrub board.
Now I'll have to get a shot of it with my purses!