Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be Thankful For Your Imperfections

Nobody's perfect. Everyone is born with something. Some imperfections are clear as day, and some can't be seen at all. But, we all have them. Something. Nobody's perfect. I was born hard of hearing. While I've never been "thankful" for this imperfection, I have learned to adapt in the form of lip reading and paying very good attention to details. Because I listen with my eyes, I catch that little raised eyebrow or that little word that is said, but not out loud. The one you didn't mean for anyone to hear. I heard it. I am a pretty good people reader. Watch what you don't say around me. lol Anyway, like I said, I've never been thankful for my hearing loss.....until yesterday. When Landon brought home this bad boy.

It's a recorder.

He said to me, "Look, Mom! My recorder came today! (It's for his music class.) I have to practice for a half an hour every night!" Then he placed that recorder to his lips and blew a ear piercing, window shattering, shrieking musical note that sounded like a cat being skinned alive! Good Lord. Heaven help me. Bless us all. We quickly established some ground rules. He could only practice his music in his room. With the door closed. This way, it only sounds like a cat with his tail being slammed in the door. I can live with that. Thank you Lord, for my imperfections. It came in real handy today.