Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years Resolution

Well, it's that time of the year again. Time to make my New Years Resolution. Normally every year I say,  "This is the year I'm gonna get my groove back!" Meaning, I was gonna lose the 40 pound ball and chain that I had been dragging around for the last 5 or 6 years. Well, This year I did it! I lost that ol' ball. But what was left behind is a new problem. The "extra softness" on my arms and a few other areas. I talked about it in a previous post, and said I was fine with it because there wasn't any way I was gonna exercise it off! I do not like to exercise. At all. All day shopping is about as strenuous as it gets for me. But, it's been getting on my nerves a bit, so a few days ago I thought I'd give the hand weights that have been tucked away (and never used) in my closet a whirl. I thought maybe I could just lift weights a bit while I watched T.V. and tone up that way. After about 5 lifts my arms were burning and hurting! I thought maybe the weights were too heavy for me to be starting out with. They felt like maybe 10 pound weights and when I checked the weight on them I was SHOCKED to find they were only 3 pounds each! Say what? I have no idea what happened to my upper body strength. It's gone. Just a couple of years ago, I could and did easily move a love seat UP the stairs by myself, when rearranging the furniture. Now, I can barely push it across the floor. With sliders. So, my New Years resolution this year is to get healthy! I do take vitamins, but apparently it's not enough. I did a little research and all roads led to my years and years of being a "selective" eater. They pointed big ol' fingers right to my soft limbs, thinning brittle hair, and fine one day and not so fine the next day complexion, that are supposedly a result of very few veggies, fruit or meats in my daily life. I live on grains and would have made a really nice goat in another life. Since there is no way I am ever going to be able to get down the 5,678 servings of veggies, fruit and meat you are "suppose" to eat every day, I decided to try a few other options that I had found on the great, world wide internet. Yesterday when I was at my handy dandy Walmart, (Yes, it was the day after Christmas, but it was only Alexandria and the crowds were nothing like Fargo!) I picked up some V-8 Frusion juice, some special hair vitamins that I had read about on line, and some Chocolate Soy Protein powder. Today was the first day of my new sorta healthy life style. (Healthier than yesterday, anyway.) The V-8 juice is a combo of veggie and fruit juice. It really isn't that bad. I drank it on ice and it tasted kinda like a funky weak Hawaiian punch. So, the V-8 is gonna be do-able. Then I popped open the hair vitamin bottle. Holy smokes! Talk about horse pills! The bottle "suggested" I take one capsule, two to three times daily. Oh yeah, right. I have a suggestion for the pill company too...o.k  never mind. I'll be nice. One a day will be fine, thank you very much. Then on to the soy protein powder. This is apparently suppose to help supplement the meat that I don't eat enough of. Now seriously, how can eating a ton of animal flesh every day be healthy for you? O.k. that's a whole 'nother post... moving on. The can said to mix one scoop with 6 to 8 ounces of water or milk. I chose milk. I guess I was thinking the scoop was going to be one of those nice little ones, like the kind that comes with baby formula. Nope. It was more like a giant texas size back hoe scoop! I shook the heck out of that mess and still it was a little gritty and kinda thick. I only gagged a couple of times. Not sure if just eating a few chicken legs might be easier. I might have to downsize the scoop a bit. So anyway, the plan is to give this new routine a month and see what happens. I can hardly wait to be super healthy and twirl those weights around like a baton!
That is if I don't choke to death from my new health plan first.