Friday, December 24, 2010

It's All Good

Christmas Eve with Grandpa Al.
I love Christmas Eve with my dad.
My heart is filled with love when I am with my three guys!

Landon rockin' out with his paper jam guitar!
He played for almost an hour!
Wonder if I can talk him into taking real guitar lessons?

Landon's new hunting game.
He and his dad have been playing it for three hours straight!!
All night I was saying a silent prayer regarding the "Absent DS."
(See previous post.)
When I told Landon I was sorry that I wasn't able to get the
DS he wanted, he said "That's o.k. mom, these are great too!"
Oh yeah, my heart was just bursting and the tears were on the verge.
That boy is so getting a DS for his birthday!
If he doesn't play it. I will!