Friday, December 24, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

Every year I ask Landon what he would like for Christmas, and every year he says the same thing. "I don't care." So, I get him all the usual camouflage, fishing, and hunting gear that he loves along with a few art supplies (Landon loves to draw and some of his "floor plans" are amazing!) games, and balls. Way too easy it has been! Well, this year he actually asked for something! An electric guitar, (Easy!) a club house (apparently he has forgotten he has one, as his dad filled it with his geese and deer decoys!) and a Nintendo DS. The Nintendo thing is where I am stuck. It's not a $10 trinket. It's $150 plus the extra games are $25 a pop! Now, I do believe Landon is worth that and so much more, however I also know he will play with it for a week and then toss it in the drawer along with his Wii, MP3 player, laptop games, and all the other electronic gadgets we wasted our money on. So, do I get him what he wants, when I know in my heart he probably only wants one because "all the other kids have one," or do I get him something that I know he will truly love and use all year 'round? I don't want to raise him to think he has to "keep up with the Jones" or has to pretend to be into something all the other kids are into just to fit in. I don't live like that and I never will. I could care less what anyone else has or is into. To thine ownself be true, baby! But, can an 8 year old boy get that? Should I just buy the DS because it's what he asked for? Because it's Christmas? Hmmmm.....just had a lightbulb moment!  Maybe I'll go ahead and get it, but keep the receipt. Walmart will let you return anything within 30 days! Right? Guess I better go back and research their return policy on electronics before I get too excited.
Sometimes having Morals is the pits.