Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear God, It's Me Again....

This is the window/screen in Landon's room.
Lucky shredded/tore/bit and destroyed it
 in his attempt to make a get away.
He was successful.
(This is the second time!)

This is the ledge onto which Lucky jumped,
ran up to the chimney and down the backside.
(I'm thinking we need to move "shingles"
 to the top of our to do list this year.)

This is the backside where Landon spotted Lucky
while we were in the backyard.
He screamed, "I have to save my cat!!!"
and went flying into the house.
I assumed he was going to stand in the window and
say "Here kitty, kitty...." and coax Lucky back into the house.
(One of these days I will learn. One of these days.)
I ran into the house to grab my camera
 to take a picture of Lucky.

This is Landon NOT standing in the window
saying "Here kitty, kitty..."
to coax Lucky back into the house.
He scared Lucky who ran back up and over the top.
So, a picture of Lucky on the roof is not available.
YES, we did have a LONG talk,
and NO he will NEVER do it again!!!
(He's grounded until he is 42.)

This is Landon making his mom puke.
He climbed/ran up to the top and
he stopped and watched Lucky
go back down the frontside and back into the window.
(Amen. Amen. Amen.)

This is Lucky resting after his adventure.
He is about out of lives.