Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Go For A Ride

Now that the weather is nicer,
Tim, Landon and I have been taking the dogs for a walk every night.
We just go to the park behind our house.
We walk around the park a few times and head home.
It's an easy walk.
So, the other day I said to Tim that I would like
to take the car sometime and drive around the park block
to see how many times around it would take to make a mile.
So, one day we were all in the car together.
Tim and I up front and Landon in the back seat.
I said to Tim, "Hey, let's check out the park."
We didn't tell Landon what we were doing and after the
second lap he noticed we were just going around in circles.
He said,
"What. Are. We. Doing???"
I laughed and told him.
Then he said,
"This is soooooo embarrassing!!"
I asked him why he was embarrassed.
There wasn't anyone even in the park at the time.
He said,
"People can see out their windows you know!!"
We just laughed and laughed.
(He got a little mad too. We're so mean.)
I later found out that I could have saved Landon
the embarrassment by going to
It's a pretty cool site. Check it out sometime.
Oh, and for the record,
four times around that block is a mile.