Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Little Shed Next Door

This is the little shed next door.
(The house is vacant.)
It is really old.
Some of the glass in the windows is gone,
and the door is starting to rot away.
Last night Landon noticed the rotting door.
He has spent many, many hours with his
Grandpa Al tearing down things,
 building things and fixing things.
So, when he noticed the door, he wanted to fix it.
Tim told him that the shed was really old
and falling apart and that the owners
would probably have to tear it down.
The door wasn't worth fixing.
After supper Landon said he was going
 to go outside and play with Ole and Lena.
About 20 minutes later he came in the house
and said "Hey dad! Come and check out what I did!"
I heard Tim yelling and I could see out
the back door that Tim was leaning over the deck rail
just holding his head. Landon was crying "I wanted to help!"
I ran out to see what had happened.
Tim pointed to the little shed next door.
I looked over and saw that Landon had not only
pulled all the siding off the shed as far up as he could reach,
(Luckily it was just on one side.)
he also pulled out the entire window and frame!
Trust me when I say shock is a real thing.
I couldn't speak, I couldn't breath, I couldn't move.
Finally when I could speak I said,
"We have to fix this."
Tim looked at me like I was nuts and Landon
started jumping up and down and said
"Yes! Yes! We can fix it!!"
The picture above is the "after" picture.
I wasn't able to get a "before" because I was in shock
and my hands were full of boards trying to "fix it."
We told Landon that he would have to go to the owner
and apologize and offer to pay for it with his savings
if that's what the owner wanted.
He decided to write a letter instead.
He did this on his own in his bedroom without our help.
He and Tim are going to go to her house tonight and give it to her.
Now, when I say my prayers at night,
I am no longer going to ask for guidance for the next 10 years.
I know that is asking for a lot.
I will simply ask for a little help
in getting through each day as it comes.
One day at a time.


Landon's Letter.
It says:

Dear Kelly,
Sorry for taking off your wood on your garage.
We put it back on. Do you want money for what I did?
Do you forgive me? Please Kelly.
My dad said your going to tear it down.
So I thought that I can help you out.

(Yes. I admit it made me cry.)