Monday, April 12, 2010

Four Letter Word

I'm doing something hard and horrible.
It's actually a four letter word.
I can hardly say it.
There, I said it.
Yep. I'm doing it.
I never really had a weight problem until after I got married.
(Notice I didn't say after I had Landon?)
Some how in the last 8 years, I packed on 30 pounds.
It just snuck up on me. I didn't even see it coming.
Last Christmas, Landon had my camera and was taking pictures.
I didn't know he had taken a picture of me.
I had them all on the computer and was checking them out.
I noticed a photo of a "chubby" woman's backside.
My first thought was "Now, who the heck is that?" 
My second thought was "OMG! It's me!!!"
That was my first sign.
My second sign was at the mall.
Trying clothes on in those horrible three way mirrors.
Honestly, as if the lighting wasn't bad enough.
(They make sure you see every grey hair and wrinkle!)
Those mirrors seem to add 10 pounds.
(Don't they?)
I swear they would sell a lot more clothes 
if they would just use those fun carnival mirrors.
You know, the ones that make you look six feet tall and super skinny?
Doesn't even matter that they also make your head four foot wide. 
Who cares? You're tall and skinny!
So anyway, I was trying on clothes and decided
then and there that I would not buy another
article of clothing until the 30 pounds were gone.
I walked right out and never looked back.
So, I am on a mission.
I have a long, hard,
maybe cranky, maybe miserable,
road ahead of me.
Poor Tim.