Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wheaton Craft Fair Rocks Again!

WOW!!! The Wheaton Craft Fair ROCKED!! It was so crazy busy that I wasn't able to sit down even once today. I don't know if it was the warm weather that brought them all out or what, but it was wonderful! Don't get me wrong. Every year is wonderful, but this one was crazy wonderful! Let me share a little of my day with you.

In the morning, the vendors at the craft fair are given a lunch menu and if they turn it in early, the helpers will deliver their lunch to their booth for them. I filled mine out and handed it in. I requested a walking taco and a bottle of water. I thought the taco in a bag would be easy to eat and easy to set down if I was needed. I didn't get to eat it. There just wasn't a minute to spare. (That my friends is a good problem to have!) Luckily, my friend Jackie came by and out of the blue gave me a baggie with my two favorite candy bars in it. (Recess and Snickers) I gave her my taco and made the candy bars my lunch. I was so thankful for them as I was starving and I was hoping the Christmas music I was playing was loud enough to cover up the rumbling in my tummy. She saved the day. I owe her one. (or six)

One of the first things to go (Besides purses) was my sled! A lady came up to me and asked if she could pay for it and would I hold it for her. Because there were several people in line before her, I told her to just pay for it when she came back. About an hour before the show was over, she still had not come back. I was getting a little bummed as after she left, three other women wanted to buy it! Finally, at the end of the show, she showed up! All was well again. Sigh....

The highlight of the day was, my blinged up chalkboard/picture frame. I posted about it a few posts back... A sweet little old lady bought it. When I told her she could erase the Elizabeth Taylor quote I wrote and write anything on it, as it was a chalkboard, she told me that she loved Elizabeth Taylor and was leaving it! (I might be writing that quote on everything! ha!) Then when I told her that the "bling" was two clip on earrings and a dangle pearl bracelet, she said.....(This is the part I love) Shuuuuut Uuuuuup!!!
Yep. The little old lady told me to shut up.

Thank you everyone for making this year one of the best ever. I am blessed and I love you all!!