Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life With Landon

Landon was really quiet last night, as I didn't hear any thumping on the ceiling...so I went to see what he was doing. He was making a cat hotel for his buddy, Lucky! It's closed at night because Lucky sleeps with him at night. (Need to brush up on his el/le's!)

He had pom pom balls in there, which Lucky loves and a little dish of cat food and water. (I will be taking the food and water back out after he goes to bed!)

I think they both like it! I think Landon might have a future as an engineer someday. Forgot to take pictures of the pully/bucket he built that would move a pail of cat food from his top bunk to the floor and back up again for Lucky. (Took that cat food away too. I'm the cat food police, I am.)
The hotel is now closed.
Lucky is all tucked in for the night.
And so is Landon. Nighty night boys. Sweet dreams.