Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Am Loved

I have been "fighting" a cold since August. For real. I kid you not. Sore throat one day, gone the next. Sniffles one day, gone the next. Fever one day, gone the next. And so on. Well....yesterday I woke up with a full blastin' head on cold! Plus a sore throat and by nighttime I had totally lost my voice. It's the pits! Today, my voice is slowly is coming back, but the cold nonsense has decided to linger on. When Tim or Landon get sick, I am the one who makes sure they have cold meds and that they are taken care of. When I get sick....I'm pretty much on my own. Tm and Landon aren't very nurturing and my mom is a million miles away. My dad is here in Wheaton, but he won't come within a mile of our house when we are sick. (I do have to say that Landon did voluntarily unload the dishwasher last night, so I could rest. Bless his heart.) Last night I took a hotbath, rubbed Vic's all over me and drug my sick body to bed. There wasn't any point in closing my dc as all the kids have the crud too and I wouldn't be able to just lay around and do nothing anyway. So, I opened the doors for business and went through 3,444 boxes of kleenexes between myself and the 8 little ones today. (By the way... Check out the label on your Vic's jar. It says..."Spirits of Turpintine!" I'm gonna throw mine away. That's just not right.) Anyway, today one of my dc mom's walked in the door to pick up her kids, and was holding a bag full of goodies. For me! She made homemade chicken soup, homemade natural cough/cold syrup and homemade/natural vapor oil to help me breathe. I felt so loved! Isn't it amazing how just being "taken care of" can make you instantly feel so much better? I so needed that. And the best part is, it is actually working and I do feel better for real!!! Thank you so much Jenna (If you ever find this and read this) for taking care of me. Can you come over at bedtime tonight and tuck me in too? Just kidding! ;) But, I sure do feel blessed. Thank you.