Sunday, November 4, 2012

R.I.P. Kodak Easyshare

If you were wondering why I didn't post 3,498 pictures of the craft fair yesterday, it's because last week my camera passed away. Yep. Dead as a door nail. After dropping it 899 times (me) and throwing it across the room and bouncing it across the sidewalk 677 times (dc kids) it finally kicked the bucket. Wouldn't even turn on anymore. All I had for a camera was my phone camera and in all the excitement, I kinda forgot about pictures. (imagine that!) I've been doing dc for 8 years and I've been through 5 cameras. This time around, I've decided I am going to buy a better camera and cut back on the 5,667 daily pictures and take care of it! Anyway, today I headed to Alex to find a new camera. You know the new camera commerical that Ashton Kutcher is doing? Well, at the end of that commercial, it says "Water proof! Freeze proof! Drop proof!" or something like that. When I saw that, I literally jumped up off the couch and screamed, "SOLD!" Because I don't live in a town with a big box store, I had to wait a couple of days before I could go and get it. Kinda got a couple of ol' jobs I'm committed to, ya know? So finally, today was the day! My plan was to go to Office Max first. I knew they sold electronics and because they didn't sell pickles or diapers, I thought they would be the most knowledgeable. As I walked in to Office Max, I was greeted at the door by a young man. Off to a good start I thought, as those youngens seem to know a lot about the ol' technical gadgets. When he asked me what he could help me with, I told him about Ashton's commercial and that I was interested in that camera or one like it. He wasn't sure he had seen the commercial. Say what? Not a good start. Then he took me over to the camera department which consisted of six pieces of paper hanging on a rack with pictures of cameras and descriptions of what each one did. When he pointed to the paper and he said, "Well, we got these...." it was all I could do not to say, "Are you freakin' kidding me???" I swear I get every stupid customer service rep to live. I swear.... So, I thanked him for his time and walked out. I headed to Target next as I thought I might have better luck with their electronic department. Not that I have lost my love for Walmart, but I've been to Walmart's electronic department and I have to say, they aren't quite up to snuff over there. Well at Target, there was a wonderful young man who had the patience of Job. (He's a dude from the Bible. Look it up.) He answered all my questions and because he was so helpful and not only found a perfect camera for my needs, he also found one that was on sale!! Whoo hoo!! I ended up going with a Nikon COOLPIX L610. Not a top of the line, but not the bottom either. It takes super clear and up close pictures which is what I need for Etsy/Ebay and it also takes clear regular shots too! Here is a regular shot with no editing whatsoever. Even though I took it at night, with not much light in the room, you can still see every single word, clear as day. Now that's a nice camera. This is one of my favorite signs. It is hanging in the dc kid's playroom, where I see it as a daily reminder.

R.I.P. Kodak.
Come on, Nikon.
Time to ride!!