Monday, November 19, 2012

Evangeline Elmquist

I posted my little "special friend" story on my Swedish Cowgirl facebook page and the response was overwhelming. I am still in shock. To me it was just another one of my little stories, but boy how it seemed to touch a lot of people. At the present time, I have almost 80 likes and I don't know how many comments. All of the comments were sweet, positive and wonderful! There were several compliments that I had received myself, that just blew me away. It wasn't my intention to get compliments when I posted that story, I just wanted to share my "special friend" with everyone as she had really made my day. It was the first real story I've posted on there, and unlike my blog which doesn't have a place to comment, I wasn't prepared for all those comments! It is so nice to know there are so many nice people out there! Because my S.C. page is public as it is a business page, I didn't even know many of the people who commented! Through those comments, I found out that my special friend's name is Evangeline Elmquist and she is a published poet! (Funny thing here, she reminded me of my grandma who passed away with Alzhiemers and whose last name was Lindquist. Hmmm...maybe grandma was just saying hi through Evangeline?)  She had a twin sister who she lived with all her life, but sadly passed away. I was able to find a site that has one of her books of poetry for sale. It is a tribute to her twin sister, May.
I encourage everyone to purchase this book. It's just a nice thing to do and I think it would make Evangeline happy. Who might make you happy too!

Precious Memories in Life�s Garden of Remembrance of a Beloved Sister, May Violetta Elmquist, by her sister Evangeline