Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Special Friend

I went to Hoffman today to do a purse show. Over the years of doing shows, I have met 7,767 people and remember about 5 of them. O.k. maybe a few more than that, but it's mostly a sea of nameless faces. My memory leaves much to be desired! But, every now and then, someone comes along who leaves a really big impression on my brain and on my heart. Today was one of those days. Whenever I do holiday shows, I have a little bowl of mint candies sitting on my checkout table for my customers to help themselves to after they check out. Today, I decided to put some of the candy in a basket and pass them out to the people who were in my booth, while they were still looking and deciding. Candy makes everyone feel good, and I thought it was not only a nice gesture, but it might be a good business move too. (It was!) As I was chatting and passing out candy, something bright and colorful caught my eye. It was the sweetest little ol' lady, dressed in the most colorful, floral dress. She had a long strand of pretty pearl beads hanging around her neck, a lace shawl over her shoulders, flowers in her hair and bright red lipstick applied just, oh so right. She was with another younger woman who was either her daughter or maybe her helper. (I am not sure if she was mentally challenged or a victim of Alzheimer's.) As I started to walk towards her with my little basket of candy, she spotted me and held out her arms towards me. She excitedly proclaimed to her companion, "Look! Look! It's my special friend! I missed you special friend. I'm so happy you're here. Are you happy?" Now this sweet lady had never seen me before in her life, and even though I can't remember everyone, if I had met her in the past, I never would have forgotten her! But, in that moment, at that time,to her I was her special friend. So, her special friend I would be. But before I could answer her questions, she suddenly got really quiet, grasped both of my hands in hers, and in a whispering voice she asked me, "Did you miss me?" She look so sad,  as if she thought I was going to tell her that I hadn't missed her, and I gotta tell ya, it was heart wrenching. So, in my most overly excited voice, I reassured her that yes indeed, I had missed her. She clapped her hands and laughed and smiled a huge bright smile. All was well in her world once again. I loved what she said, and so to all my special friends out there...."Hello special friend. I 'm so happy you are here. Are you happy?"

I hope you are happy and that you have someone to miss and to miss you, whether it be a spouse, child, or special friend. Life is short. Be happy.

Now you know I didn't let that sweet lady leave without a picture! Her helper/daughter took the picture with my phone, so it isn't the greatest. But, you sure can see the happiness pouring out of my special friend's face. She's happy!