Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dipping My Toes In Cast Iron

Recently I was browsing the internet looking for something to hang my purses on, and I stumbled across a cute cast iron hook site. I was going to order a few, but then I stopped and thought, "Hey...I'm pretty creative. I could totally do this myself!" So I checked out a few wholesalers and ordered a box full. Of course not only did I order too many, I loved them so much I ordered more and different ones too! I painted them up, roughed them up, (to give them a cute shabby look) and took them to the farmer's market and my purse shows to sell. They did really well. Now, I'm thinking I might need to try Ebay or Etsy with and maybe some of my other junk stuff, but, I'm scared. I don't know why. I think the shipping part scares me the most. The "unknown." All the "what if's." I know I am certainly smart enough to figure it all out, but I keep dragging my feet. I have a good friend who sells on Ebay and she tells me there's nothing to it. So, what's my problem? I honestly don't know. Do you ever feel like that? Is there something that you really want to do, have no reason not to do it, but still don't do it? Someone please shove me into the pool. I need to get my feet wet.


A really bad picture using my camera phone.
If you click on the picture
 it should open up to a large view.