Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm Out Of Space

As I was posting the last two pictures on the next post, a box popped up saying, "I was out of space." I could either purchase more space or my pictures would be posted in a smaller size. I am opting for the smaller size for now. (I can't complain too much though as this is a free blog and I've been posting for four years!) If you click on the picture, it will pull up another page and show the picture in a really nice big size. So, that will have to do for now. I thought if I deleted a few pictures from the first year (I have the whole year published into a hard covered book, so it was alright if I didn't actually have them on here too.) that it would make more room. Not so. I should have researched that idea first. Anyway, for now the pictures will be smaller. Unless another box pops up saying they changed their minds and I need to pay up! I'll pay up. I love my blog and now that summer is over, things will slow down and I can get back into it. It's been a crazy summer. I am ready to slow things down a bit and just coast....for a bit. Just a bit.